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MathWorks Software

Conditions for assigning MATLAB products

The MathWorks GmbH licensing conditions apply for all software products (MATLAB, SIMULINK and toolboxes) made available to all members (staff and students) of Technische Universität Berlin for the purposes of research and teaching.
The following points in particular should be noted:

·         As licensee, TU Berlin grants the software end user a simple, non-transferable user permission to the software. The end user may not make the license available to another party. The end user guarantees to retain unchanged the proprietary notices included in the licensed material, such as copyright mentions and other legal reservations. The end user is expressly forbidden to copy the software, other than the usual copies required for reasons of security, or to make the software available to others either on a commercial or non-commercial basis. TU Berlin reserves the right to take legal proceedings against the end user in the event of non-compliant usage.

·         A time-restricted user permission is granted to the licensee both for network user permissions and single user permissions.

·         The software is available for staff and students exclusively for the purposes of research and teaching.

·         Network installations may only be used on TU computers; single user installations may also be used on personal computers.

·         Copying or distribution, partial or otherwise, of software to third parties is not permitted.

·         Updates may only be used to replace older versions of a particular software product.

·         Updates are only available for as long as there is an active agreement with The MathWorks GmbH.

·         It is not permitted to decompile, disassemble, imitate or manufacture products derived from the software.

·         The end user shall, to the best of their ability, try to ensure that access and usage of software is limited to students and staff of TUB and the hardware used by the end user.

·         Analogous conditions apply to written and electronic documentation.

·         The end user acknowledges that the software is the property of The MathWorks GmbH and represents a copyright-protected service. Any intentional breach of copyright or a breach arising as a result of negligence can result in a demand for considerable compensation.

·         TU Berlin neither guarantees or assumes liability for the correct functioning of the software. TU Berlin is not obliged to undertake measures to rectify bugs. TU Berlin accepts no liability for any possible claims made by third parties.

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