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General information about the agreement

On 01.01.2020, Technische Universität Berlin completed an agreement with The MathWorks GmbH for the entire University to provide staff and students with free use of all MathWorks products via both the University’s and users’ personal terminal devices for the purposes of research and teaching.
This means that with immediate effect the following software products may be used free of charge by members of TU Berlin:

    MATLAB is a software which supports engineers and scientists with mathematical calculations and graphic representations.
  • Simulink
    Simulink is based on MATLAB and enables the modeling of systems.
  • Alle MATLAB-Toolboxen
  • MATLAB Parallel Server
    MATLAB parallel servers allow you to run MATLAB programs and Simulink simulations in parallel using scaling in computer clusters and clouds. Prototypes for programs and simulations can be created in advance on desktop computers to enable their use in clusters and clouds without having to be re-coded.
  • Polyspace
    Polyspace products are used for code analysis and include checkers for coding rules, security vulnerabilities, code metrics, and hundreds of additional classes of bugs.
  • Online Training Courses 
    englisch: https://www.mathworks.com/academia/tah-portal/tu-berlin-31461245.html#learn
  • Interactive course and examination exercises for teachers 
    englisch: https://grader.mathworks.com/

Licensing conditions and user permissions

The agreement grants all members of TU Berlin (staff and students) time-restricted user permissions for all new versions of the above-mentioned software products published during the period of the agreement.
User permissions end with termination of employment or enrollment at Technische Universität Berlin or with the expiry of the agreement on 31.11.2022. The University also has the option to extend the agreement twice for a period of one year per extension up to 30.11.2024.

User permissions for single user installations must be renewed annually. Membership of TU Berlin will be verified when doing so.
Note: All usage rights ordered via Softwareportal do not have to be cancelled. There is no entitlement to repayment.

User permissions for network installations are centrally administered and as such do not require reactivation.

MATLAB products are generally available for the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Please note that some modules are product dependent. Please consult the manufacturer.

The conditions for transfer and use described by ZECM in this agreement apply. Products acquired through TU Berlin contracts are excluded from the right of return.

Technical requirements

The prerequisite for use of MATLAB network user permissions is that the computer where the software is to be installed is located within the TU Berlin network and can access the ZECM license server.

Order And Dispatch of Mathworks Software

In the future, requests for single user installations for TU Berlin members will be made via the following URL https://www.mathworks.com/academia/tah-portal/tu-berlin-31461245.html and not the TU Berlin software portal. You need to log in using your TUB account and confirm the licensing conditions to download MATLAB products.


Members of the various TU Berlin institutes can obtain network licenses and software for Matlab and the Parallel Server via the following URL https://www.tu-berlin.de/matlab-download/

Before downloading, you will be asked for your TU access details and your status as staff member will be verified.


Please note: Downloads and account names are stored for the purpose of statistical analysis.

General informationen regarding ordering and usage
further information via
URL to the download page
Single user
Quick access 210815
Quick access 210819

Provision of updates

MATLAB software products are available to download for both network and single user installations.

The right to receive updates ends with the expiry of the agreement with The MathWorks GmbH. 
ZECM will inform you of this in good time.

Technical support

MathWorks’ technical support team can be contacted via your MathWorks account www.mathworks.com/contact_us or by telephone at +49-89-45235-6700 option 4.


We recommend you report errors or problems of unanticipated functioning as web inquiries and call to obtain solutions to problems.
It is recommended that you make inquiries regarding particularly complex problems in English. This will make communication easier for the support specialists and developers.

Always provide support engineers with information regarding your MATLAB version, operating system and license number by sending them the information created by entering the MATLAB command “ver”.
Depending on the type of problem, you will also need to provide the necessary reproducible codes, models or screenshots.


In addition to online training courses, you can also order a user guide to MATLAB from The MathWorks GmbH. You can contact them by sending an email to info@mathworks.de or via the following contact details.

The MathWorks GmbH
Friedlandstr. 18
52064 Aachen
Tel. (0241) 470 75-0
Fax (0241) 470 75-12


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