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EES framework agreement between Microsoft and TU Berlin

On 1 May 2021, TU Berlin signed a new EES framework agreement (Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions) with Microsoft to support its research and teaching activities. This is a fixed-term agreement and expires 30 April 2025.

Components of the EES agreement

The following services and products were licensed:

  • For staff: Microsoft 365 Education A3 (User-AL). This does not include student assistants because they are licensed as students.
  • For students: Microsoft 365 Education A3 StudentUseBenefit
  • For students: Microsoft 365 Education A3 Windows Server CALs

General information about the Microsoft EES agreement at TU Berlin

All licensed TU Berlin staff (excluding student assistants who are licensed as students) have access to Microsoft 365 Education A3 (User-AL), including the following usage rights:

  • Operating system Windows Education Upgrade
    The EES agreement enables TU Berlin units to install Windows 10/11 Education on all their computers. Like all volume license agreements, these are upgrade licenses. Additionally, a basic license eligible for upgrade is necessary for every computer.
  • Office
    All TU Berlin staff may use Office 365 for official purposes. Use is permitted on all TU Berlin devices, including laboratory and library computers, as well as personal computers when used for University business. To use Office 365, you require a special pseudonymized account, which ZECM creates. You are entitled to use the previously installed Windows Office Versions 2016/2019/2021 Pro Plus under the following terms and conditions:

    • Every licensed user with an Office 365 A3 user license is entitled to install a local copy of Office Professional Plus for their own sole use for the duration of the agreement. This does not apply to user licenses acquired through the student discount.
    • Units are permitted to install Office Professional Plus software in publicly accessible spaces or libraries within the unit.
    • Alternatively, this means: Office Pro Plus 2016/2019/2021 cannot be used

      • By student assistants
      • By students
      • By staff on secondary devices
      • On computers used by multiple people simultaneously, with the exception of freely accessible computers in libraries, laboratories, etc.
      • On virtual servers
      • On Apple devices (as there is no Office Pro Plus for MACs)

  • CALs (Client Access Licenses)
    The following CALs are licensed for all TU Berlin staff:

    • Exchange Server CALs (Standard/Enterprise)
    • Sharepoint Server CAL
    • Skype for Business CAL
    • Windows Server CAL
    • System Center CAL
    • Office Server


TU Berlin’s EES agreement allows units to use the following Office servers without a license:

  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Skype for Business Server

Microsoft 365 Education A3 StudentUseBenefit and Microsoft 365 Education A3 Windows Server CALs have been licensed for TU Berlin students. These include the following usage rights:

  • Office
    All TU Berlin students may use Office 365. Use is permitted on University and personal computers for the purpose of studying and working as a student assistant. To use Office 365, you require a special pseudonymized account.
  • CALs
    Students are considered external users. CALs are licensed for the following Office servers:

    • Exchange Server
    • SharePoint Server
    • Skype for Business Server

 The CALs for access to Windows servers have been licensed separately.

Licensing conditions

Right of use only includes the right to use the product in question, as described in the section "General Information about the Microsoft EES agreement at TU Berlin," until 30 April 2025. Software licenses may not be shared or used on different computers concurrently. The licensee is entitled to use all new versions of Office Pro Plus, Windows Education Upgrade, Office Server and CALs that are released by 30 April 2025.

Please note that this right of use is for a fixed term. If TU Berlin does not conclude a follow-on contract for EES or you do not replace the subscribed licenses with a purchased license, you are required to uninstall the software after 30 April 2025.

The EES right of use on personal devices expires once a student or employee is no longer affiliated with TU Berlin. You are required to uninstall the software after leaving the University.

For further details, please refer to the conditions for relinquishing Microsoft software.

Information about Windows Education Upgrade

TU Berlin’s EES agreement allows units to use Windows 10/11 Education. Like all volume license agreements, these are upgrade licenses. A Windows basic license eligible for upgrade (including OEM) is necessary.

Since the September 2017 version update (1709), Microsoft no longer differentiates between the different editions for Windows 10 when providing services. A general ISO image for all editions is provided. During installation, you must select the licensed edition. Please always select Windows 10/11 Education, as this is the only edition licensed at TU Berlin.

The following operating systems qualify:

  • Windows 10/11 Enterprise
  • Windows 10/11 IoT Enterprise
  • Windows 10/11 Pro
  • Windows 10/11 Pro for Workstations
  • Windows 10/11 Education
  • Windows 10/11 Home
  • Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise
  • Windows 8/8.1 Pro
  • Windows 8/8.1 Embedded 8/8.1 Pro
  • Windows 8/8.1 Embedded 8/8.1 Industry Pro

Technical requirements

For Office Pro Plus and Windows Education Upgrade, usage rights can only be activated via Campus Management's KMS server. To do this, the computers in question must be in the TU Berlin network and use a University DNS server as their default DNS server ( or


Further information is available under KMS activation.

Accessing and downloading products from the EES agreement


TU Berlin units can access licenses and software via the software portal (see service box). There you will find all products available through the MS EES agreement as well as product descriptions and system requirements.  The software is available to download.

To install or use Office 365, please follow the instructions here.

Procuring products from TU Berlin’s license agreements via the software portal is considered a contractual agreement between the customer and TU Berlin. Only the terms and conditions described by Campus Management in this contract shall apply to the transfer and use of the goods between the University and the customer.

Products acquired through TU Berlin contracts are excluded from the right of return.




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