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Microsoft Select Plus Program For Research & Education

Conditions For The Surrender of Microsoft Software

The Microsoft Select Plus program for R&E for departments of TU allows all departments of TU to order licenses for Microsoft software. The license terms of Microsoft (terms of product use und product list) apply for licensees (department of Technische Universität Berlin) of software licenses provided within the Microsoft Select Plus program for R&E for departments. Especially the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The Technical University of Berlin as licensee grants to the end user a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sub-licensable right of use of the software. The end user is obliged to keep the license material’s trademark rights, copyright notices, and other legal reservations unchanged. The end user is hereby explicitly prohibited to copy the software, except for back-up copies in customary use, or to distribute it commercially or non-commercially. The Technical University of Berlin reserves the right to use legal actions against the end user in case of violation of these terms.

  • The software in only provided for departments of TU for official, non commercial use in research and education using computers of TU Berlin (use bound to a workstation)
  • The software is being used if the software is loaded into the RAM of a computer or stored on a permanent storage (e.g. hard drive). (Exception: storage on a network server for the single purpose of software distribution is not regarded as use)
  • For application products this applies: For each purchased license the licensee can use a copy of the software or any older version for the same operating system on a single computer (downgrade right)
  • The end user is entitled to use any language version of a purchased product for the same operating system on a single computer (cross language right)
  • Update licenses for operating system can only be purchased if the end user owns a correspondent license for a product which has been classified as suitable for update by Microsoft (qualified operating system).
  • The end user is not entitled to transfer upgrade licenses for a desktop operating system product seperated from the desktop operating system license or from the computer system where it was originally installed to another system.
  • The end user is entitled to reassign Software Assurance for desktop operating system upgrades from the original computer to a replacement computer as long as (1) the replacement computer is licensed for the newest version of the OS and (2) the end user removes all desktop operating system upgrades from the original computer.
  • Please regard information about correct licensing of Microsoft Windows 7 and the downgrade rights
  • The activation of Microsoft volume licenses for Windows and Office Suites and Office Applications from the Select Plus program is conducted via a Key Management Server (KMS). This requires a wired connection to TU network and a DNS server of TU as standard DNS server. 
  • A work at home (WAH) right is usually not granted for licenses for departments with exceptions of the suites Office Professional and Office Enterprise (see below)
  • For Microsoft Office Professional and Office Enterprise applies: The main user of a computer who uses a copy of the software may use a second copy only for official purposes and not for private use during the agreement period on either a laptop or desktop computer which he owns or leases (work at home product use right). This applies for faculty members, employees, this does not apply for trainees if they are not TU employees at the same time. These secondary copies have to be deleted after the termination of Select Plus agreement.
  • In order to use the work at home (WAH) right a special WAH medium has to be ordered using the softwareportal which will be cleared with an individual product key. An unlocking with a volume license key is prohibited.
  • The WAH medium has to be returned to the department either after termination of Microsoft Select Plus or after expiration of TU membership of the employee. The software has to be deinstalled on the private computer.
  • The software can be transferred either to a hard drive in case the original is only stored for backup or archive purposes or a single backup copy may be created.
  • Further copying or distribution of the software, also not in parts, to 3rd parties is  prohibited. The executable files including required runtime modules created with speech products may be copied and distributed.
  • Single programs from the Office suites (e.g. Word, Excel or PowerPoint) may not be distributed to multiple computers. If a product of an Office license is used, the use of other products of this license on another PC is prohibited.
  • A license only covers the right to use the product on a single workstation (PC with Windows or MAC). For computer labs the number of licenses has to correspond to the number of computers or the use has to be limited by assigning the licenses to computers. A license for a software can not be shared or used simultaneously on multiple computers.
  • A "Concurrent Use" is prohibited for Select Plus licenses.
  • Every computer respectively user which uses services from a server has to own a Client Access License (Device CAL resp. User CAL) for the server. Client Access Licenses are not included for server licenses.
  • It is prohibited to decompile, deassemble or reverse engineer the software.
  • The licensee will try in all conscience to limit access and use of the software to TUB employees and to point out the terms of use to them.
  • The licensee accepts that the software is property of Microsoft or their suppliers and that the software is a copyright protected asset. A deliberate or negligent violation of the copyright may result in major compensation claims.
  • Ordering products within the Softwareportal that are part of the TU license agreement constitutes a formal contract between the customer and the TU. In relation to the customer only the conditions of use as specified in the adhering tubIT contract are applicable. Products acquired within TU agreements are excluded from the right of revocation.


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