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Instructions for the Installation of Sophos Enterprise Console 4.5

The following instructions refer to the initial installation of Sophos Enterprise Console 4.5 on Windows Server 2008. Depending on operating system slight differences may exist.

Please regart the system requirements at http://www.sophos.de/products/enterprise/endpoint/security-and-control/management/sysreqs.html and the release notes http://www.sophos.de/readmes/readsec_45_deu.html.

For the upgrade from Enterprise Console 3.x an intermediate step via SEC 4.0 has to be made. You can download it here as well as the Upgrade Advisory Tool. Further information can be found at www.sophos.de/support/upgrades/.

Step 1

Download Sophos Enterprise Console SEC 4.5. Start the setup program and follow the instructions. You can use the default values.


Step 2

[Translate to English:] Nach der Installation melden Sie sich erneut an. Die Enterprise Console sollte automatisch starten.   Es startet außerdem automatisch ein weiterer Wizard, mit dem man den Updateserver konfigurieren soll. Da hier nur Sophos-eigene Server ausgewählt werden können,  müssen Sie diesen mit "Abbrechen"  abbrechen.


Step 3

Select "Update Manger"


Step 4

Right-click the server and select “Konfiguration öffnen/ändern“ from the context menu.


Step 5

Select the tab "Quellen" and click "Hinzufügen", enter the URL of the updateserver of TU Berlin http://sophos-console.tu-berlin.de:8081/. Access credentials remain empty.


Step 6

Afterwards go to the tab "Abonnements" and select the subscriptions which contain the products your update manager should provide. You can select default "Empfohlen".


Step 7

After setup you will get a notification „Es wurde kein Benutzername angegeben ...“. Confirm it. When you close the configuration of the update manager with OK, another message will show up  „ Enterprise Console kann nicht feststellen, ob die Quelle http://sophos-console.tu-berlin.de:8081/ einen direkten Pfad zu Sophos aufweist...“. Confirm this message and click OK again to finish the setup. You can now right-click the list "Empfohlen" from the menu "Software-Abonnements" "Abonnements öffnen/ändern" and select the packets relevant for you.


Step 8

After you choosing the software packets, the update manager will automatically start the synchronisation.


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