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Step 1:


Within the TU Portal choose Teamverwaltung from the menu on the left. Select Teamverwalter from the list of business roles.

In the following overview choose the Team you want to commission a Team-Mailbox for and click on Bearbeiten.

Step 2


Below Ressourcen you can add new resources by clicking +.

Step 3


Select Teammailboxen / Exchange-Teamboxen and click Hinzufügen.

Step 4


The technical address for the Exchange-Team-Mailbox is: <DOMAIN>-TB-<THEMA>@win.tu-berlin.de

The technical address for the Mailbox-Team-Mailbox is: tb-<DOMAIN>.<THEMA>@mailbox.tu-berlin.de.

An Exchange-Team-Mailbox needs an alias like: <Mailboxname>@<DOMAIN>.tu-berlin.de These directions show you how it's done.

However the alias for the Mailbox-Team-Mailbox can be chosen freely.

The displayed name of a Team-Mailbox is:  <DOMAIN>, <THEMA>

The domain name can be chosen from one of the institutions already approved of domain names (org-name, internet-name). The name of the Mailbox can be chosen freely, unless the name is already in use.

Please also note the blocking period for e-mail adresses.

Click Speichern after filling in the necessary data. The Team-Mailbox will then be created and all members of the team will gain access to it.

Further information regarding Team-Mailboxes, e.g. administration, can be found here.

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