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Mailman Settings Summary

This website will give you a summary of the most important settings and preconfigurations. If you need further more detailed information about the preferences and the Mailman software, please go to the official website: http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/docs.html.

General Settings

  • owner: You can enter the e-mail addresses of the list administrators here. You can enter multiple addresses. The address of the applicant is listed by default and cannot be removed.
  • send_reminders: With this option the list will automatically send monthly e-mail notifications informing users that they are signed up for the list. This e-mail also contains the password in clear text. By default this option is deactivated.

Member Administration

This menu has 3 submenus:


  • Mitgliederliste (rmembership roster): You can see all registered list subscribers and assign rights to them here.
  • Eintragen/Abonnieren (register/subscribe): You can register users directly or send an invitation
    Note: If mailing lists are to be added to a new mailing list, you should use the technical address <>.
  • Löschen/Austragen (delete/unsubscribe): You can delete users here.

Subscription Rules and Address Filter

  • subscribe_policy: This options allows you to configure how a user can subscribe your list. By default "Genehmigung durch den Listenadministrator" (approval by list administrator) is set.
  • private_roster: Here you can define the privacy of the membership roster. By default only the list administrator can see it.

Other Administrative Tasks

You can configure several options here and moderate list messages if necessary.

Recommended Configuration for Announcement Lists

In case you want to use a mailing list in order to announce an event and to send multiple e-mails to a group, you should configure your mailing list accordingly. Generally it is essential that these points are avoided:


  • The list members which have been registered by the list administrator receive a welcome mail, a goodbye mail or a report on a regular basis.
  • E-mails sent to the list are sent to all members.
  • Response e-mails to your announcement are forwarded to all members.
  • Every sender can send SPAM mails to the list which will be forwarded to all members.

To avoid this, you can configure your mailing list with the following guideline.

Go to your list administration: lists.tu-berlin.de/mailman/admin/<listenname&gt;

If you forgot your list password, you can edit your existent list using TUB-Portal->Mailingliste. 


1. Deactivate Notifications

General Options for the menu "Benachrichtigungen" (Notifications)


  • send_welcome_msg set "NEIN"
  • send_goodbye_msg set "NEIN"
  • send_reminders set "NEIN



2. Force Moderation for all Members

-> Abo-Regeln und Adreßfilter... -> Absender-Filter

  • default_member_moderation set "JA" (for new members)
  • Existent members can be set to moderated at -> Mitglieder-Verwaltung... -> Mitgliederliste



3. Set Reply/Contact Address

-> Allgemeine Optionen 

in the menu "Reply-To: Header Optionen"

  • first_strip_reply_to set "JA"
  • for reply_goes_to_list choose "Explicit Address"
  • Set reply_to_address to the desired reply/contact address

in the menu "Zusätzliche Einstellungen"

  • include_rfc2369_headers set "NEIN"
  • include_list_post_header set "NEIN"



4. Register Permitted Sender Addresses

-> Abo-Regeln und Adreßfilter... -> Absender-Filter

in the menu "Mitglieder-Filter"

  • select desired member_moderation_action
  • define member_moderation_notice if necessary

in the menu "Anti-Spam Filter"

  • accept_these_nonmembers enter the allowed sender addresses here
  • generic_nonmember_action *do not* set "Akzeptieren" here
  • define nonmember_rejection_notice if necessary

Recommendation Configuration I:

For lists with a lot of members it can make sense that not all members are allowed to send to the list. In this case we recommend the following configuration:

1. Mails from list members are generally rejected and upon registration of new members they are set to "moderation".
(Options default_member_moderation and member_moderation_action)

2. Mails from non-members are always rejected.
(Menu Absender-Filter, Option generic_nonmember_action)


3. Certain persons are registered as privileged non-members allowing them to send messages to the list, their mails will be subject to moderation.
(Menu Absender-Filter, Option Feld hold_these_nonmembers)

4. Mails are not delivered automatically, but have to be cleared by the list owner or a moderator.

5. For moderators a moderator address will be configured which will inform the moderator of incoming e-mails which are to be permitted or denied.
(Menu Allgemeine Optionen)

6. A moderator password has been set allowing the moderator to take care of the clearance of incoming e-mails by logging in at (https://lists.tu-berlin.de/mailman/admindb/<ListenName>)
(Menu Passwörter)

Recommendation Configuration II:

Recommendations for "umbrella lists" (lists of lists):

1. Umbrella list should *exclusively* have lists as members

2. The subject prefix should be chosen accordingly: "Subject: [Sublistname] [Listname] ..."

Note: If members are registered for more than one sublist, they will receive will receive multiple e-mails from the umbrella list!


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