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MS Exchange
To facilitate working in a team, tubIT also gives you the possibility to manage the e-mails of your group, its calendars and to-do-lists with MS Exchange.

Web Interface "Outlook Web App"
This web interface allows you to easily use the Exchange service with all major browsers, wherever you are in the world.

Resource Management
This application allows you to manage resources such as rooms or devices (beamer, notebooks etc.) through the exchange service. This enables you not only to invite your team members to meetings but also to book the required resources, e.g. beamers and rooms.

Exchange Team Mailboxes
These are additional and separate exchange mailboxes that can be accessed by several users.

Additional E-Mail Addresses (Aliases)
Institutions have the possibility to add further e-mail addresses (aliases) to existing tubIT Accounts.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists allow you to easily exchange messages with a defined group of persons by e-mail. You do not need inconvenient lists with e-mail addresses. You and all group members have to remember only one e-mail address.
A software program is installed on numerous servers to determine whether an e-mail is SPAM or not by using various methods.
We have compiled a list of hints that can help you to verify whether an e-mail has been sent by us or whether it has been forged.
E-Mail Tagging
External emails to TU accounts managed by the ZECM mail server will be tagged as "External" in their subject. This is meant to help identify potential phishing attacks.
Address Recognition
You can only send e-mails to groups within the Technische Universität Berlin directly, if the corresponding address recognition was carried out for you before.

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Auxiliary Functions

tubIT offers a centralised e-mail service to all students and employees of TU Berlin to send and receive e-mails. You can use a client program or the web interfaces. In order to guarantee your security, all incoming and outgoing e-mails will be encrypted (during the transmission)