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Rights Management for SharePoint Contents


Users with SharePoint application roles have rights for the entire team site.

In case that you work with private data which you want to share with certain groups of employees or external team members, we recommend creating seperate lists in order to limit the access rights. This can be achieved by creating individual groups, assigning members to them and creating group rights for every list.

Since you can only allocate rights to lists but not to single elements or wiki articles, you should consider that every element of a list should correspond to the same security level and access rights.

Create a new list


SharePoint administrators and structure administrators (StrukturverwalterInnen) log on to TU Portal and navigate to: "Strukturverwaltung" > "Groupware-Dienst Sharepoint verwalten" > "SharePoint verwalten". You can create new lists for your Team Site here.

Create new groups and assign members


In the next step the groups which have access to the new list are created and members are assigned to those groups.

Allocation of rights to groups


Afterwards the group rights for a selected list can be edited. The following rights are available for groups:

Read: Members of a group possessing the right 'Read' for a list can view the contents of the list but can not edit the elements.

Write: Members of a group possessing the right 'Write' for a list can create elements, upload documents, edit and delete contents as well as recover deleted items from the recycle bin.

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