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FAQ: Wiki Service

Can I use a wiki other than DokuWiki?

tubIT only provides DokuWiki for this wiki service. You can install any wiki yourself for your conventional website. In this case you are responsible for the maintenance of your application.

Caution: The path /wiki/ is configured for DokuWiki. If you want to access your own wiki via /wiki/, this has to be set by tubIT. Please contact our  via e-mail.

Can I have more than one wiki?

Yes! By default only one wiki is configured. If you want to maintain multiple wikis, send an e-mail to our  and specify how many wikis you require and which website should host them.

Can I use my own plugins?

All plugins are administrated centrally by tubIT. If you require a certain plugin, please contact our  with detailed specifications and a source (URL). For newer plugins it is necessary to check if site effects can be integrated into our environment or if any adjustments are required. We hope for your understanding that this can take some time and may also result into a denial of your plugin.

Can I use my own templates?

Yes, you can!

You need to create a folder named wiki-templates/ subordinated to htdocs/ of your conventional website. You can store templates there and select them from the administration panel of your wiki. If there is a template in both wiki-templates/ and our central directory yours will be used.

Please note that tubIT can not check your templates while updating or changing the wiki software. If your template is incompatible with a newer dokuwiki version, we can not take that into consideration. You will need to take care of updates or changes necessary for your wiki yourself. We will announce changes which may result in incompatibilities on our tubIT homepage.

Does tubIT take care of wiki updates?

Yes! Your AFS storage only contains invidiual configuration files, your articles and uploaded files. The core components of dokuwiki are hosted and maintained by tubIT. We do not employ the most recent builds but those which are officially labeled as stable. We hope for your understanding that we have to do some testing before a new version can be provided. New versions which do not fix any security issues or do not offer new required features may be omitted in some cases. If security issues have been discovered, we will update the version as soon as possible.

Does a backup of the wiki data exist?

Dokuwiki automatically logs all changes of your wiki articles. Every user can see the changes using the link "Older versions" and undo them if necessary. If an article is deleted, it can be recovered by an administrator using the link "Recover pages".

The data of your wiki, meaning all articles and uploaded files, is stored on your department's AFS storage. tubIT creates a backup of the whole AFS storage by default. Backup-Class Type 1 is employed, within 7 days there is a maximum of 3 versions of a file. Deleted files will be removed from backup after 30 days. If you want to recover a file or folder, you are required to contact tubIT. You can find further information here. In addition you can find the entire AFS data from the previous day in the folder .snapshot located in your main directory including web and wiki data. You can simply copy these files back to their original location. This method is often sufficient so that you won't have to contact tubIT.

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