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WordPress Blog

The devisions of TU Berlin have the possibility to operate an own blog, e.g. for the presentation of projects, as a communication plattform or for managing seminar papers. tubIT provides this service within a central WordPress-Farm.

The devisions only need to care about the favored design and content and can organise its blog within the prescribed configurations.

tubIT is responsible for the system administration of the WordPress-Farm, for example updating the infrastructure and backups.

Activating the blog service

As owner of the role “Teamverwalter” first please create a “Team” with one  “Teamleiter” (= future administrator of the blog) and activate the resource “WordPress-Blog”, then you can choose the domain for your devision and the name of the blog.

Automatically a WordPress-Blogsite is created, which is now available as following:

https : //blogs.tu-berlin.de/Domain_Blogname/

The “Teamleiter” can add members to the team via the TUB-Portal, who get automatically editorial rights for the blog, specifically for adding, editing and deleting sites, for posting and moderating comment sections, for administrating of links and categories, and for uploading files.

The first “Teamleiter” of the team is administrator of the new WordPress-Blogsite and can create new roles, edit or delete existing roles and assign roles to existing users. The “Teamleiter” has also the ability to change settings on configurable plugins, to activate existing plugins and themes, to adapt the dashboard and has also editorial rights.


With our service we follow the rules of the WordPres standard, so you can use the general WordPress documentation. WordPress also offers an extensive support forum https://wordpress.org/support/

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