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Blocking period for e-mail addresses

You can create additional e-mail addresses for your employees, mailinglists and teamboxes using the structure administration (Strukturverwaltung) inside the TU Portal. Since person related data can be received via e-mail addresses, there are certain blocking periods which have to be maintained before the e-mail address is reassigned.

How long is the blocking period?
The blocking period after deletion lasts 3 years. Only after that time period the e-mail address can be reissued.

For which e-mail addresses is the blocking period required?
The blocking period applies to all person related e-mail addresses for data security reasons. This shall prevent the transmission of person related data to unauthorised persons after change of address owner.

What does person related mean?
An e-mail address is person related, if one can assume that a specific person can be contacted with that address. This is the case for e-mail addresses of the format "lastname@orgname.tu-berlin.de". We generally assume that e-mail addresses referencing to a tubIT account are person related and are subject to the blocking period. In case you already assigned a non person related address such as office @ orgname.tu-berlin.de to a tubIT user account, please contact us. We will help you changing the assignment to a new target. 

E-mail addresses referencing to mailinglists and teamboxes are not person related and will not be blocked.

What are functional addresses and how should I use them?
Functional addresses are non person related e-mail addresses thus meaning addresses which can not be connected to a specific person as receipient. Examples for functional addresses:

  • sekretariat @ OrgName.tu-berlin.de
  • kurs1 @ OrgName.tu-berlin.de
  • hausaufgaben @ OrgName.tu-berlin.de

If you need such a functional address, please do not assign it to a tubIT user account but to a teambox or a mailing list. This will allow you to easily change the receipients with the team membership or mailinglist receipients without maintaining the blocking period. This will also allow you to simply delete an e-mail address and immediately assign it to another team or mailinglist.

If you have further questions about the blocking period or want to assign a functional address which is currently pointing to a tubIT account to a new target, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: .


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