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Adding the TYPO3 ressource

Once a team has been created, a TYPO3-page can be added to it.

Step 1


First, click on the menu item Teamverwaltung under IT-Dienste on the TU-Homepage. In the role selection you have to choose the role Teamverwalter .

In the following overview of already created teams, select the team to which you want to add the resource, highlight it and press the Bearbeiten button.

Step 2


Under Ressourcen, press the + button in order to add a resource, which will be further defined in the next step.

Step 3


Then highlight typo3_be and click on Hinzufügen.

Step 4


By naming the page group, a name is assigned to the Eigentümergruppe as well.

After selecting or entering the required data, press Speichern in order to create the Eigentümergruppe.

Rules for naming the group:

  • The name must contain only the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and -.
  • The name must contain between 2 and 20 characters.
  • The name must start with a letter and must not end with a -.

It is recommended to choose the page group name according to the team name. This helps in case of a troubleshooting.

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