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Role Concept

In order to keep the rights management for TU Portal easy and clear, the structural device role is employed. Roles are connected with rights which are required for applications. If a user receives an application role, he is gaining the access right for an application.

Application and business roles


Two types of roles are employed in TU Portal:

Application and business roles.

An application role entitles the bearer to use a specific application (e.g. typo3, Software-Portal, Hardware-Portal, SuperX, Linf, Moses, LSF etc)
Application roles are not assigned individually but are summed up into business roles.

Some frequently used business roles are predefined by us and can be used instantly. The role administrator of a department can create new business roles too.

Administration of Roles

Buisiness and application can be administrated using the following application: Mein Profil and Rollenverwaltung. (My Profile and Role Administration)

Business can be created, edited, assigned or deassigned using the menu Rollenverwaltung. The Rollenverwaltung can only be accessed by users bearing the role "Rollenverwalter". Business roles which have already been assigned can be assigned to representatives using Konto und Rollen.
Further information about role administration

Using the menu Mein Profil users can check their roles and assign representatives themself (e.g. for cases of long absence)

Further information about Mein Profil


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