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Digital Software Certificates

The proof of identity and secure transfer of data are indispensable requirements for the use of electronic services.

This especially refers to:

  • Electronic signatures for e-mails (for the unambiguous identification of the sender)
  • Encryption of e-mails and data (to prevent access from unauthorized persons)
  • Authentication (e.g. access to TU Portal)

For the technical realisation "digital software certificates" are employed. They are personalised and can be regarded as ID cards from the analog world.

Until now the certificates for employees were stored on their campus ID cards. Since the use of campus cards is decreasing due to lack of card readers especially for mobile devices, software certificates are provided since December 1, 2013.

You can apply for the certificates with a personal ID card at tubIT-Laden (E-N 024) and download them here a few minutes later : "Mein Profil">"Softwarezertifikate herunterladen">"Softwarezertifikate-Datei herunterladen"

In order to use secured applications withiin the TU portal you will also need your TAN list (which you received during provisioning)/ m-TAN.

Go to Instructions for step by step instructions covering the installation and import of the certificates.

Please note:

  • The downloaded file does not only contain your digital certificates but also your key pair including your private key. This file is encrypted with your tubIT account password. If you changed your password after your certificates have been issued at tubIT-Laden, the password from that moment is still valid for the file encryption.
  • Only e-mail addresses of TU Berlin which are recorded in our system (e.g. @tu-berlin, @math) can be encrypted with the certificate.
  • A forwarding address can receive and decrypt encrypted mail but cannot generate encrypted mail.
  • It may occur that, upon renewing certificates, e-mails which have been encrypted with the previous certificates cannot be retrieved anymore.

Please use your certificates carefully:

  • Protect your "key chain" with a password on your computer.
  • Do not install the certificates on a public computer since anyone with access to that computer will be enabled to sign, encrypt and send with your name.

Obtain Certificates

TU members can apply for certificates at tubIT-Laden (E-N 024). Please bring an official ID document (passport, driver's license, ID)

After a few minutes you can download the certificates from any device using TU portal. Go to "Mein Profil">"Softwarezertifikate herunterladen">"Softwarezertifikate-Datei herunterladen".

Embedding your certificates in Windows

In order to use your certificates, you need to import your certificates into the certificate storage. This step requires that you already obtained your certificates.

Portal Login with Internet Explorer

For the employment of the software certificate instead of your password for portal login, the certificate has to be imported to the certificate storage.

Portal Login with Firefox

Before you can use the software certificate for login instead of your password, the certificate has to be imported into Firefox.

Embedding of Certificates in Outlook 2013

For the embedding of the software certificates in Outlook 2013, it is necessary to import the certficate into the certificate storage.

  1.  Go to "Start">"Options">"Trust Center">"Trust Center Settings..."
  2. Select "E-mail Security" and click "Settings".
  3. Click "Choose..." and select the certificate of TU Berlin. Confirm and close all windows with "OK".

Embedding of Certificates in Thunderbird

In order to use your certificates with Thunderbird, it is necessary to import them into the certficate storage. This step requires, that you already obtained the software certificates.

  1. Go to Preferences and open "Advanced". Go to the tab "Certificates" and click the button "Certificates".
  2. Go to the tab "Your Certificates" and click "Import". Select the certificate and confirm with your tubIT password. Close all dialogues.

Embedding of Certificates in Firefox

In order to use the certificates in Firefox, it is necessary to import them into the certficate storage. This step requires, that you already obtained the software certficates.

  1. Go to Preferences in Thunderbird and open "Advanced". Select the tab "Certificates" and click the button "Show Certificates".
  2. Select the tab "Your Certificates" and click "Import". Select the certificate and confirm with your tubIT password. Close all dialogues.

Sign and encrypt e-mails with Outlook 2013

For the signing and encryption of your e-mails with Outlook 2013, the software certificate has to be imported into the certificate storage and embedded in Outlook beforehand.

Sign and encrypt e-mails with Thunderbird

For signing and encrypting your e-mails with Thunderbird it is necessary to embed the software certificate in Thunderbird beforehand.

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