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The mobile TAN service (mTAN) sends transaction numbers via SMS to your mobile phone. Transaction numbers are required for your authentication for the TU Portal.

We offer this service in addition to the authentication by Campus Card and iTAN process for using secured applications of the TU Portal.

During the registration for the mTAN process, you enter your current mobile number. To confirm your mobile number, you will receive a confirmation SMS at the end of the registration.

Once the mTAN service is activated and you wish to use a secured application of the TU Portal, a text message with a valid transaction number is sent to your mobile phone within seconds. Just enter this number in the corresponding field.

One of the advantages, in particular when you are travelling, is that you don't need to have your TAN list or card reader at hand if you wish to use the TU Portal's services for transactions. Experience also shows that users tend to notice the loss of their mobile phone much earlier than the loss of their TAN list or Campus Card. Furthermore, the user is informed via SMS about unauthorised attempts to access the tubIT Account. This enables you to block the account immediately.


mTAN Administration

Step 1: Log in to the TU Portal and click on „Persönliche Daten“ > „Konto und Rollen“ > „TANs verwalten“ > „ Mobile-TAN verwalten“. 

TAN List

You need your tubIT Account name, your password and a TAN list to be able to access secured applications. You receive the TAN list together with your provisioning documents.

TAN List Administration

Lupe [1]

Log in to the TU Portal and click on „Persönliche Daten“ > „Mein Profil“ > „TANs verwalten“ > „TAN-Listen verwalten“ to lock your TAN list or to generate a new TAN list. 

A new page opens displaying the following information:
Nummer Ihrer aktiven TAN-Liste / Verbrauchte TANs anzeigen
Nummer Ihrer inaktiven TAN-Liste 

You can select one of the following options:

  • Verbrauchte TANs anzeigen
  • TAN-Liste sperren 
    This is where you can block your TAN list. Once the TAN list is blocked, it cannot be used anymore! Note: If you block your TAN list, it will not be possible to carry out transactions that require a TAN. 
If the TAN list was blocked, you can only receive a new TAN list from the card issuing office.
  • Neue TAN-Liste erzeugen 
    This is where you can generate and print a new TAN list. 
Existing TAN lists will be blocked if you generate a new one.

TAN List lost or blocked

If you have lost or blocked your TAN list, you can obtain a new active TAN list:

  • in-person: employees at the tubIT-Laden (EN 024) and students at the Campus Center (H 30)
  • for users with Campus Card: Users who have a Campus Card and the corresponding software installed on their computer can block the lost TAN list or generate a new TAN list on the TU Portal.
  • via WebIdent: In case you are unable to come to the TU Berlin because of important reasons, we offer the possibility to identify you by video and to provide a “one-time-password”. Further Information under: https://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/?33135 [2]




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