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TU Hardware Portal (Instant PCs)

We support you selecting and acquiring hardware by providing standardized PCs, notebooks and monitors which we have in store at tubIT Laden for immediate pickup.

The contractor selected by tubIT allows you to choose between devices which are

Note: This service is only available for departments of TU Berlin. The ordering of these devices does not require offer comparision or issue of a bidding.

Target Audience


Required Roles

Besteller/in (Org:...): This role entitles you for ordering via tubIT portal as signing authority for an account within your cost centre (department). The listed cost centre will be used to determine your assigned office (for billing and delivery address). You can specify the actual account which is to be billed yourself on the payment authorisation which you forward together with the bill to TU pay office.

Besteller/in (Org:...) - in Vertretung: This order authorisation has been allocated to you by a signing authority in who's name you can submit orders. You can not allocate this role yourself. The cost centre is used for the determination of the signing authority's office.

Note: Employees, who obtained an order authority from finance department but do not have the role in TU portal, can receive the role from the role administrator of their department.


You can access the online shop via TU Portal. Please log in to TU Portal and select "IT-Dienste" > "Hardwareportal (Sofort PC)". Select your desired article and follow the instructions in order to issue the order.

For the pickup at tubIT-Laden (EN 024) please bring the printed order confirmation and your campus ID card, ID card or passport with you.

Purchase is always on account. The time of payment is 30 days netto, 2% allowance within 14 days.

Product Line

INSTANT-PCs: You can buy instant-PCs for the different performance lcasses; concipated for administration tasks and for research use. The computers are available in store for immediate pickup at tubIT Laden EN-024.

Complementing we also have monitors, notebooks and accessories in store.

CONFIGURABLE PCs: Furthermore you can individually configure devices. These Lenovo devices will be delivered by our IT Partner pro-com DATENSYSTEME GmbH to you free of charge.

Available Hardware (2016)

Available Hardware (Instant PC Product Line)
LENOVO M800 Tower Entry - PC for all daily tasks
LENOVO M800 Tower High End - PC for high requirements
LENOVO T2254p / 22"
LENOVO T2424p / 24"
LENOVO ThinkPad T460s
LENOVO ThinkPad X260
LENOVO ThinkPad 3 Cell 68 Battery
LENOVO ThinkPad 6 Cell 68+ Battery
LENOVO ThinkPad Pro Dock 90W

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