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Alfasoft License Agreement For EndNote

Conditions For The Surrender of EndNote And Reference Manager

Within the Alfasoft GmbH License Agreement the following terms apply for end users (departments of Technische Universität Berlin)

of Thomas ResearchSoft. Especially the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The Technical University of Berlin as licensee grants to the end user a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sub-licensable right of use of the software. The end user is obliged to keep the license material’s trademark rights, copyright notices, and other legal reservations unchanged. The end user is hereby explicitly prohibited to copy the software, except for back-up copies in customary use, or to distribute it commercially or non-commercially. The Technical University of Berlin reserves the right to use legal actions against the end user in case of violation of these terms.

  • The software is only available for institutes and departments of TU for official, non-commercial use.
  • The software is distributed as single workstation license. A license entitles the licensee to install and use the software on a single computer.
  • If a license is exclusively used by a certain employee of TU, the employee may create another copy of the software for his laptop computer. The licensee has to ensure that the software is not used simultineously at any time.
  • Updates can only be distributed if the end user already owns a license and the serial number of that license has been approved by Thomson ResearchSoft. If the serial number has not been approved, tubIT has to submit the license as new license and bill the licensee for the resulting charges.
  • The end user is entitled to create a single copy of the software for archive and backup purposes.
  • The end users are not entitled to sell, let or lend the software or copies to 3rd parties or to grant a license for use.
  • The end users are also not entitled to decompile, disassemble or imitate the software or create products derived from the software
  • The end user accepts that the software is property of Thomson Research and that the software is a copyright protected asset. A deliberate or negligent violation of the copyright may result in major compensation claims.
  • The end user will try in all conscience to limit access and use of the software to TUB employees and to point out the terms of use to them.
  • Ordering products within the Softwareportal that are part of the TU license agreement constitutes a formal contract between the customer and the TU. In relation to the customer only the conditions of use as specified in the adhering tubIT contract are applicable. Products acquired within TU agreements are excluded from the right of revocation.

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