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General Information

Due to gifts of the manufacturer Mister Thomas Muhr in January 1998, 2004 and December 2011 the TU has a limited amount of software licenses for the software suite ATLAS.ti (currently version 22.0). ATLAS.ti serves the visual analysation of large amounts of text, graphic, audio or video data. The system provides numerous tools for tasks which are connected with the methodic evaluation of "soft" data which can not be analysed by formal statistical methods. This system is not only suitable for social scientists but also for other text or multimedia orientated fields (linguistics, system analysis, knowledge acquisition). It is suitable for everyone who wants to work "precisely with soft data". Since version 5.0 Rich Text documents can be included and edited. Further information can be found at http://www.atlasti.com

License Terms

All licenses have a maximum use period of a calendar year and end 17 november 2022 at the lastest.

Departments of TU can obtain single user licenses (maximum of 5 licenses per department) for the use on department computers as a free loan for one calendar year. Furthermore the loan of single user licenses for a maximum of one calendar year is also possible for members of TU (students and employees). Employees and students may only purchase one license for personal use. The use period ends as of 17 november 2022. Further details can be taken from terms for the surrender of ATLAS.ti.

System Requirements

ATLAS.ti Version 22 works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 and on Macs running MAC OS 10.13 High Sierra or higher.

Further information about the system requirements can be found here.

Order And Dispatch of ATLAS.ti

Departments and members of TU (including students) can obtain a license and software using tubIT softwareportal (see servicebox). The software is dispatched as download.

The activation of the licenses is executed with individual invitation links.

Documentation, Tutorials And Support

Handbooks and instructions can be downloaded at http://www.atlasti.com/de/manual.html. The documentation is included for the download version of ATLAS.ti.

Support: If you encounter problems using Atlas.ti please contact http://support.atlas.ti.com

Instructions can be found at http://www.atlasti.com/de/quicktour.html

Further information of the author can be found here:


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