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General Information

TU Berlin has acquired a 25x classroom license (network use rights) for NX in August 2005 and a 50x classroom license (single user rights) including maintenance. These licenses are valid until 31/08/2015. An extension is planned.

NX is a CAD/CAM/CAE system for construction and fabrication processes, from industrial design over development, construction, simulation, analysation and optimisation to fabrication planning using the generated digital product data. Unigraphics NX offers an integrated KBE environment (knowledge based engineering) which allows the integration of firm specific know-how and processes of all type into the development environment. Currently NX 9.0 is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64 bit only), Mac OS X and Linux 64 bit (Modules) at TU.

Solid Edge is an intuitive mechanic CAD software for a quick start in 3D CAD. Solid Edge is employed in all fields of teaching and research. Currently Solid Edge ST6 (Modules) is available at TU.

License Terms

Departments of TU can acquire time-limited use rights for NX and Solid Edge for official, non-commercial use including maintenance and update right until 31/08/2015 via tubIT. The NX classroom license is a network license which is adminstrated by tubIT, the software itself will be installed on the clients. The licenses for SolidEdge are single user licenses. The software may only be employed for training, education and research but not for commercial use. The software may only be installed on computers of TU.

A cancellation of the classroom license is only possible at the end of agreement term (currently 31/08/2015). See cancellation of use rights.

Further details can be taken from the conditions for the surrender of use rights for UGS NX and Solid Edge.


NX 10.0 runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 Bit only), Mac OS X 10.8 and higher and Linux 64 Bit. Solid Edge ST7 runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 (64 Bit). On Siemens' websites you can find descriptions of academic program for Siemens PLM software, detailed product information about NX and Solid Edge as well as the system requirements.

Order and Dispatch of NX and Solid Edge

Departments of TU can acquire network use rights for NX and single user use rights for Solid Edge using tubIT softwareportal (see servicebox).
It is necessary for the network use rights of NX, that the computer which should host the software is part of TU network in order to access the license server hosted by tubIT. For ordering use rights for NX and Solid Edge within the classroom license you are required to specify the IP addresses of the machines which should run the software. Alternatively you can provide the subnet the computer is part of. By default the software is provided as download but additional data mediums can be ordered (only together with the use rights!).


Ordering products within the Softwareportal that are part of the TU license agreement constitutes a formal contract between the customer and the TU. In relation to the customer only the conditions of use as specified in the adhering tubIT contract are applicable. Products acquired within TU agreements are excluded from the right of revocation.

Provision of Updates

As long as the use rights of the classroom license are not cancelled each licensee is entitled to receive new versions in the download area of the softwareportal as soon as they are provided by the manufacturer.

Cancellation of Use Rights

A cancellation of the time-limited use rights for NX and Solid Edge is only possible for the end of agreement term and has to be submitted to asknet 4 weeks in advance in written form specifying order or bill number.
For the cancellation of the use rights products have been created in softwareportal (e.g. NX - Netzwerknutzungsrecht - Lizenzabmeldung , 0,00 € ). Please cancel your use rights by ordering the correspondent license cancellation items. Please include your order and/or bill number of the use rights which are to be cancelled. It is not possible to cancel only parts of an order number, only all products from an order can be cancelled. For example if you ordered 3x NX network use rights and 2x SolidEdge use rights using one order number, you are required to order 3x license cancellations NX and 2x license cancellations SolidEdge and to include your original order number in the free text box at the end of the form.

The license ends the latest if the classroom licenses are not prolonged by Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG. In that case tubIT will notify the licensees in advance.

The software has to be removed after cancellation and may not be used any longer.

Solid Edge Licenses for Employees and Students of TU

Students of TU can obtain Solid Edge using the following link:

Every employee resp. student can only obtain one license of the current version. The received Solid Edge copy may only be used personally for training, research and education and not for fabrication use. Distrubtion and copying for commercial use is prohibited.

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