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Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage Benefit and Teacher Benefit

Technical University of Berlin has signed a campuswide Microsoft EES contract, valid from 01.08.2016. In line with this contract, every institution of TU-Berlin are able to use "Office Pro Plus“ on their TU-Berlin computers for official working. You can download this product as before on our software downloading system (Softwareportal).

Because of the campuswide entry to the EES für Office Pro Plus, TU-berlin is also taking part at the "Office 365 Student Advantage Benefit“ and "Teacher Benefit“ program.

This program allows every student and employee of TU-Berlin to use "Office 365 Pro Plus" for a non-commercial work on private devices. Office 365 Pro Plus is available from 01.09.2016 on.

You are allowed to install the software on up to 5 PC or MAC Systems, also on up to 5 Tablets and on up to 5 smartphones. The egilibility of this product ends with the term of the Microsoft EES contract (currently 30.04.2017) or with the finishing time of your student- or employment-contract at the Technical University of Berlin.

Office  Pro Plus contains amongst other things:

  • Office 2016 for Windows: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneDrive
  • Office 2016 for Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive

Additional notes:
You are not able to activate older Versions like Office 2011 for MAC with the offered method.

Please note that the download and installation of Office 2013 from the Office 365 website ist not possible anymore, starting 28th of february, 2017.

Further information: System requirements for Office 365 ProPlus

Registration and De-Registration

As am member of TU-Berlin you are allowed to register at the TUB Portal for this service.

As Office 365 calls for a Microsoft ID, but TU-Berlin refuses to send personal data to Microsoft or any other third person, our IT-Service tubIT produces and registers a distinct pseudonym as a Microsoft ID for you.

On the same website at TUB--Portal you are able to end the registration at anytime by yourself. Your microsoft account is going to be deleted automatically after a certain time.

After finishing your student or employment relationship, your registration is going to be deleted automatically through our system.

Download and Installation

Step 1: login to the TUB-Portal, go to 'Mein Profil' > 'Microsoft Office aktivieren' and click on 'Microsoft Office aktivieren'

Step 2: after a few minutes you will receive an email that confirmes your registration

Step 3: open https://portal.office.com

Step 4: when asked for the email address, please enter <random number>@msopseudo.tu-berlin.de (or another arbitriary character sequence before "@msopseudo.tu-berlin.de") without a password.

(in order to protect your personal data, do NOT use your personal email address)

Step 5: once you have been forwarded to the Shibboleth-TUB login page, please enter your tubIT user name and password

Step 6: if the login is successful, you can now download the office package by clicking 'Office 2016 installieren'

Notice: On your first Shibboleth-TUB login you will be asked to agree for your data to be transmitted to Microsoft. However only anonymous/pseudonymous data will be relayed.

Software Activation

Generally every part of the Office 365 Pro Plus Package can be installed on the destinated system. In case you are asked to enter your user data, please do NOT enter your tubIT user data or your personal email address.

Instead please use the same email address from your registration at the Microsoft Office Portal <random number>@msopseudo.tu-berlin.de (or another arbitriary character sequence before "@msopseudo.tu-berlin.de"). In the process of activating the software you will also be forwareded to the Shibboleth-TUB page to login with your tubIT user data.

Your Office Package is active and usable offline for 30 days. Your device needs to be online at least once every 30 days in order for the activation to be prolonged.

Updates/ Upgrades

Updates and Upgrades that are released within the contract period are included in the contract.


tubIT does not support more than the registration process of Office 365 ProPlus.

Microsoft offers costumer support on workdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

  • free of charge: 0800 589 2332
  • local: 069 380 789 508

Further information and contacts can be found on the Microsoft webpages https://support.office.com/ and https://support.microsoft.com/

Terms of use

All students and employees of the Technical University of Berlin are allowed to install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus without charge for personal, non-commercial use. You can install Office 365 Pro Plus on up to 5 PC or MAC Systems, also on up to 5 Tablets and on up to 5 smartphones.

The egilibility of this product ends with the term of the Microsoft EES contract (currently 30.04.2017) or with the finishing time of your student- or employment-contract at the Technical University of Berlin.

Employees of Technical University of Berlin are not allowed to install Office 365 ProPlus on their official business computers of TU-Berlin.

For using those products on official business computers of TU-Berlin, there are separate Office Pro Plus licenses available. They are out of the Microsoft EES Contract and for TU facilities only.

Every user is obligated to follow the copyright- and end-user-agreements of microsoft. If some of the currently listed rules are contradict to the terms of the licensor, Microsofts end-user-agreements are decisive.

You'll find our terms of use for this product, which are linked with the end-user-agreements, here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/product-licensing/products.aspx. Every violation against the currently listed terms can lead to claim for compensation and other legal actions from the licensor against the licence-user.

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