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Instalaltion of the Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows Server 2008

Before the role IIWS can be installed on Windows Server 2008, the role application server has to be installed with the following role services.

Installation ApplicationServer:

Add Roles Services:
    - Application Server Foundation
    - Webserver (IIS) Support
    - COM+ Network Access
Furthermore for the Windows Process Activation Support the following has to be selected:
    - HTTP Activation
    - Message Queuing Activation

The following default features will be selected automatically:
    - Common HTTP Features
    - Application Development
    - Health and Diagnostics
    - Security
    - Performance
    - Management Tools (without IIS 6)

These roles, role services and features will be installed:
    - ApplicationServer
    - Webserver (IIS)
    - .NET Framework 3.0 Features
    - Message Queuing
    - Windows Process Activation Service

After setup of the application server the internet information services manager will be configured. (Note: Show hidden files!)

Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager:

Add New Site
    -> name: Sophos
    -> Directory: C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Update Manager\Update Manager
    -> hostname: savau1.tubit.tu-berlin.de
    -> Authentification: Anonymous Enable, Windows Authentification Disable
    -> Ipv4 Address and Domain Restrictions:
       (Restrict to TU networks due to license terms!)
          - Edit Feature Settings
            → Access for unspecified clients : Deny
          - Add Allow Entry
             → Ipv4 address range:
                - 130 149.0.0 /
                - / 2550.0.0
                - /
   -> Enable Directory Browsing
   -> add MIME-Types:
          .* , extensions  "application/sophos-x"

Configure Additional Permissions:

Directory: C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Update Manager\Update Manager:
   → Eigenschaften → Security
   → Add User „IUSR“ → Check User → OK
   → Permissions for „IUSR“ → Full Control
   → OK

IIS-Manager : Sophos-Webseite:

Create virtual directofy if necessary.

>Restart Internet Information Services


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