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Sophos Anti Virus

The Sophos Anti-Virus software may be employed on every computer which is part of TUB campus network - as long as the conditions for the surrender of Sophos are accepted.

07.03.2022: Sophos campus contract extended

The campus contract for: sophos endpoint protection advanced and mail protection advanced license, EDU, has been extended by one month.
Term until 30.04.2022
We are currently working on providing a solution for the future


Installation Types
Installation on a workstation
For the first time installation on a workstation, you can use a packet from the following table.
Installation in a computer lab/ Network installation
Computer labs can be easily configured and administrated using Sophos Anti-Virus Enterprise Console SEC. The Enterprise Console can administrate workstations of different platforms; the SEC itself has to be installed on Windows 2003/2008 Server. The software for the initial installation on a workstation is available at EM Library savem1.tubit.tu-berlin.de. Automatic updates are provided by SophosUpdateManager SUM savau1.tubit.tu-berlin.de.
Sophos Bootable Anti Virus CD
If you encounter viruses or malware which can not be removed using normal methods, you can employ the Sophos Bootable Anti-Virus CD. This should only serve as emergency option. If you require the file for the creation of the Sophos Bootable Anti-Virus CD, please request it via .
CAUTION: Before you install the Sophos Anti Virus Software, please check if another virus scanner has been installed. Please remove existent versions of other anti virus programs (including old versions) first.
CAUTION: For the installation you are required to be within TU network.
Configuration Sophos Anti-Virus
Here you can find a description of the configuration options provided by Sophos Anti Virus.
Sophos Enterprise Console 4.5
Instructions for setup
Sophos Enterprise Console 5.1
It is recommended to upgrade to Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2 or higher. This allows you to profit from Windows 8 support and further improvements.
Please note: A direct upgrade from Sophos Enterprise Console 4.x is not possible. You are required to upgrade to 5.1 first in order to proceed with the upgrade to 5.2.
License Agreement (EULA)
Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2
License Agreement (EULA)
Instructions for setup
Instructions for setup

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ZECM Sophos Support

For TU Berlin tubIT provides the update server (configure as primary and secondary server). The server address needs to be appended by a platform specific addition. You can find it regarding the table on the installation website in the column addition.
CAUTION: Please be careful to add a slash character before the addition and do not add an invisible character (tabulator, blank...). The path automatically created by the program will be faulty in that case.