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General Information About tubIT Softwareportal

In november 2007 the tubIT softwareportal replaced the former electronic order procedure for software. In collaboration between asknet and tubIT a portal allowing secure and easy electronic acquisition of software has been developed. In addition you have the option to download many products directly after purchase and have them available on your computer.

Software license orders from license contracts of TU are only possible using tubIT softwareportal.

Furthermore asknet provides their entire range of products granting an extended software selection.

Please note that all orders which are executed via tubIT softwareportal (including product orders for personal use for students and employees) will be registered for statistics.

All information about products, purchase and usage can be found in our tubIT-Softwareportal.

You can all information about license agreements concluded by tubIT for TU Berlin on the websites Campus Licenses and R&E License Programs.

Product Classes

Abb. 1: Screenshot der Startseite des tubIT-Softwareportals

The software in tubIT softwareportal is divided up into 3 product classes which are labeled in the main menu on the left side of the portal application:

Campus LicensesThese products are usually software products which tubIT ordered in large numbers for TU Berlin distributing them to TU departments via tubIT softwareportal. This ensures discounts which could not be obtained as single purchaser. The prices listed in tubIT softwareportal are collection charges and do not specify the VAT. Since no contract of purchase is concluded between end user and a company is concluded, products of campus contracts are not subject to price comparison.
Product orders from campus licenses of TU Berlin are excluded from right of return.

R&E License ProgramsFor this product category research & teaching programs resp. outline agreements exist which have been concluded by TU Berlin, the city of Berlin or another R&E institution. These products can not be acquired at lower charges anywhere else. Therefore products of this cateogory are not subject to price comparison.
Product orders from R&T license contracts of TU Berlin are excluded from right of return.

Product line asknet:
All products which are distributed by asknet belong to this category. This category includes products of the two categories mentioned above and products for which there are no contracts in particular. This means that the company asknet acts as competitor with other software providers and the guidelines of the state budget code and acquisition guidelines of TU apply. You can look for products in partciular or use an alphabetical list of all manufacturers or products. Products which are subject to TU agreements are labeled with "(TUB)". Furthermore you can sort the products based on topics.

Product Search

The softwareportal offers several search modes which will allow you to search for products. Please note that products from all contract types, license models and from asknet's product line are displayed. If you want to ensure that you are ordering within a TU contract, always search in the categories "Campus Licenses" and "R&E License Programs".


  1. Expert search (top right corner of the window): you can enter a product name and receive a detailed list of all product forms corresponding to your search, sorted by product groups. Product groups symbolise different license models and/or contract forms which may apply upon purchase.
  2. In the menu asknet complete program: 

  • Manufacturers A-Z: you find manufacturers resp. manufacturer license programs, such as Microsoft Select, Microsoft Select for students, Microsoft SSl licenses and so on
  • Products A-Z:  here you will find product groups from different license models resp. manufacturer contracts, e.g. all Access products of the Microsoft Select program, all Microsoft packet versions including Acess and all products of Microsoft OPEN
  • Categories A-Z: here you can find product groups sorted by topics.
  • Downloads A-Z: here you can find product groups for which download versions are available
  • Updates A-Z: product groups are listed for which updates can be purchased

Requirements for Softwareportal Use

a) Requirements for ordering for departments of TU Berlin

  1. You have been provisioned as employee of your department.
  2. You have power of signature.
  3. You can receive that from finance department.
  4. You have the orderer role.
  5. This role is assigned to you by the role administrator of your department, if you received the power of signature from finance department.
  6. The orderer role can be allocated to another employee (as representative). Both employees need to be provisioned. See below: allocation of roles.
  7. Orders with orderer role can not be executed for products offered to students and employees.
  8. Orders which exceed a total value of 5000,- € can not be executed via softwareportal. They have be to be submitted in written form.

b) Requirements for ordering for employees and students (private use)

  1. You have been provisioned.
  2. Employees and students can only order products which are available for the tartget group (labeled in softwareportal)

Softwareportal Login/Order

  1. Before you can order, you will need to log in to TU-Portal with campuscard + pin or password + tan (see TUB Login in the top right corner of TU homepage or other websites of TU)
  2. Select softwareportal from the services shown.
  3. Choose a role (your function as orderer): Employees automatically receive the role "Mitarbeiter/in (Org:...)" (employee), students automatically receive the role "Studierende/r (Org:...") (student). These roles entitle for private orders. For ordering as department an order authority in form of the role "Besteller/in (Org...)" (orderer) is required. One can be entitled to order for multiple cost centres, then you will see multiple roles for selection. Even if only one role is registered in TUBIS an explicit choice has to be made. The orderer role can be allocated to a representative. (See delegation of order authorities)
  4. The home page of softwareportal will open in a new browser window.
  5. Choice of products from the 3 product classes (campus licenses, R&E licenses of TU or complete program of asknet) and putting into cart. Multiple products from different license programs and product classes can be put into the cart which can be edited afterwards. Only after pressing the order button the contents of the cart are purchased by you. Only products for the correspondent target audience (departments, employees or students of TU) can be purchased. For example if there are products for students or departments in the cart of an employee those products will be removed from the cart upon ordering.
  6. Please take the guidelines of the state budget code and acqusition guidelines of TU into consideration if you order from the complete program of asknet.
  7. Departments of TU are registered with their address in TU Portal. This address will be employeed as billing and delivery address. For private orders from employees and students those data will be requested.
  8. Complete the order. Only after pressing the button "Order" you purchase the contents of the cart.
  9. If necessary download software.
  10. After successful completion of the order you will receive the requested software (if you chose a download version). An electronic order confirmation (signed e-mail by asknet) will be sent a few minutes later containing all required license codes. You can find further information about verifying the signature of asknet at http://www.tu-berlin.de/index.php?id=22058
  11. Orderers who are logged in can see their settings, downloads etc. using the menu on the right side.
  12. Sign out of the software portal (top right corner of the window) and close the browser window.

Duties of a Software Orderer

Due to legal reasons single persons are responsible for software licenses for departments. These are the software orderers who receive all necessary information about their ordered products and in whom's download area the software is available. An allocation of a cart to another employee of TU is not possible. The download of a software can only be guaranteed for 900 days from the date of purchase. For this reason the orderer is obliged to create security backups of all documents and software for his/her department.

Adding Order Roles in TU Portal TUBIS

Not all roles are automatically assigned in the softwareportal. 
Employees of TU which have received an order authority by finance department but have not be registered with the orderer role can be receive the orderer role from the department's role administrator.

Allocation of Order Authorities

All employees with order authority can allocate their order role to other employees who will be entitled to order in behalf of the allocator for the department. For allocating a role, log in to TU Portal and select "Mein Profil". You will see several applications from the self administration. Select "Rollenverwaltung" (Role Administration) and "Vertretungsverwaltung" (administration of representatives). There you can add representatives for your own roles and see representative roles assigned to you.

With an allocated role an order per pro. for the role owner is possible. The allocated role will be listed as "Besteller/in (Org:....) - in Vertretung" (orderer per pro.) and can not be allocated again.

The role allocation described above applies to all other roles in TU Portal.

What does the organisational ID mean?

Roles are listed with an organisational ID allowing to determine the correspondent office. For orders with orderer role the delivery and billing address are generated with that ID. For employees and students the organisational ID only servers internal purposes. The organisational ID is not a cost centre. For orders with orderer role (for a TU department) the account from which the charges are billed is only specified on the payment authorisation which will be transmitted to TU pay office together with the bill.

Change of Delivery/Billing Address

For orders of a department the delivery and billing addresses are generated using the organisational ID of the correspondent role. Billing and delivery address are identical if the role owner orders himself. If a representative orders the billing address will be generated from the organisational ID of the role owner, the delivery address will be generated from the organisational ID of the representative.

If the office address of your faculty is registered as billing an ddelivery address your office address is missing in the database. Please contact the structure administrator of your department in that case.

Orders for students and employees: Upon your first login, you will be asked for your address and e-mail address. You can change this data at any time using the menu "My Settings" in softwareportal.

Problems with Softwareportal Login

In some cases the address information in TUBIS is incomplete. An error code will be issued after an unsuccessful login. Please forward the error code to tubis@tubit.tu-berlin.de.

Acquisition Guidelines

The use of software portal which is maintained by the company asknet for TU Berlin does not release the orderer from complying with valid acquistion guidelines. This means that upon ordering a products worth more than 500,- € and which are not part of a license agreement between TU Berlin and the correspondent manufacturer, a price comparision has to take place. This applies to all products which are not in the product classes "campus licenses" and "R&E licenses". For these products the acqusition guidelines of TU and the state budget code are valid. Carts exceeding a total value of 5000,-  € are not accepted by the softwareportal, they have to be submitted in written form. Please inform yourself about the current guidelines and laws on the websites of the finance department.

Questions about Softwareportal

If any questions occur, please contact: bartmann@tubit.tu-berlin.de

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