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Bomgar remote access

With Bomgar, tubIT is able to provide a secure access to remote computers and devices via the Internet and thus represents an alternative to the well-known remote maintenance program TeamViewer. Unlike TeamViewer, Bomgar operates on our TU infrastructure so that data and connections do not pass through unknown servers and systems around the world.

Bomgar works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Support for mobile devices is also available.


By using Bomgar with your permission, tubIT will be able to make a screen transfer from your workstation to better assist youwith difficult problems. We can do this e.g. to help with specific issues regarding integrating your TU email inbox into a mailing program, when setting up your AFS drive, or distributing and managing roles to your employees.

To use Bomgar you only need to install a so-called 'Bomgar-Client', which you will receive during a customer service session. There are no administrative rights necessary for the use of this client. The sessions are encrypted and transmitted via HTTPS. Thus, no special port accesses are required.

Target groups and requirement

This service is for employees and students. Requirement for the use is a stable internet connection.


After you have first contacted us by phone, and a remote connection has been found to be necessary, you can click on an available support employee labled with "tubIT customer service *" at https://rc.tu-berlin.de. You will then be connected to the employee via a chat window.

The further procedure for the installation of the required software (Bomgar client) is then presented on the website or supported by us. As soon as the software is set up and connected, a chat window will be displayed again and all communication can take place.

You can stop the remote connection at any time by clicking on the red "X".

Permissions and Privacy

Each connection must be actively initiated and confirmed by the user. Thus, an unattended or even unnoticed access to the computer is not possible.

In addition to the so called 'passive access' (just the representation of your screen), there is also an 'extended access' possible. Here, the user can decide in detail which accesses should be granted and which not.

This means that every system access must first be approved by the user. In addition, a termination of the remote access by the user is possible at any time.

No data will be passed on to third parties. The appropriate hardware and software is hosted at tubIT. The Data Protection Officer and the Staff Council of TU-Berlin have checked and confirmed the use of this appliance.​


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