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print@campus with MensaCard

For our print and scan service the "print@campus service" is used, which allows you to pay your printouts with a MensaCard from Studentenwerk.

Instructions: How to activate your tubIT print account

Lupe [1]

When you start using print@campus, a tubIT print account will be generated for you. You can charge this account cashless using your MensaCard. For this purpose you will find a MensaCard terminal in EN 004.

The MensaCard terminal only allows you to charge your tubIT print account but not to charge your MensaCard.

Instructions: How to charge your print account

Step 1:

The MensaCard terminal is ready, when you see the text "MensaCard. Bitte einstecken" (Please insert MensaCard). Insert your MensaCard into the card reader.

Step 2:

The left part of the screen shows your MensaCard deposit. The right part allows you to log in with your tubIT credentials.

Step 3:

After login you can see the amount of your deposit from both your MensaCard and your print account. Please choose the amount of deposit you want to transer. You can not transer less than 10 Cents.

Step 4:

After successful transaction please log out by pressing the "LogOut" button or by removing your MensaCard from the terminal.

You can see your account movements at TU Portal using the "print@campus" application.

MensaCard charger - locations

The MensaCard chargers at TU campus are located at Mensa TU Hardenbergstraße [2] (Hardenbergstraße 34, 10623 Berlin).

print@campus - pool printer manual

Students and employees from TU Berlin can use the printers, located in the EN004 PC pool, with the portal application "print@campus"



  • charged tubIT print account (Instructions for charging)
  • settings in portal application
  • installation of printer drivers (not required for workstations inside the PC pool)



Settings of "print@campus" application

Please login at print@campus [3] .

From there you will get to the print start page.


Print Start Page:

You can check your pending print jobs here.


Print account:

You can see your completed print jobs and account movements for specific time periods here.


Printer Status:

You can see all printers which you are allowed to access here.


Print Jobs:

All pending, finished and unpersonalised print jobs are displayed here.

(Format: Size of printout, details: you can see through further details of the job orissue a preview for your poster printout).

At "unpersonalisierte Aufträge" (unpersonalised jobs) you can see all non-authenticated print jobs of your tubIT account resp. all jobs which have been issued from a computer using your tubIT name which have not been personalised automically (allowing you to personalise them here).



You can select your preferences here:


  • jobs can be collected or printed straight away
  • automatic personalisation (enter your account name from your workstation that you are using at the moment. This will make the portal application assign print jobs from your computer to your tubIT account. Note: The user name must not contain these characters: umlauts, space character, special characters)


File upload:

You can directly print files without setting up any print@campus printer.

Step 1: At TU Portal navigate to"print@campus">"Datei Upload" and select your preferred printer.

Step 2: Give clearance for your job if necessary or pick up your printout straight away.

Please note that the maximum file size for upload is 64MB.

Instructions: Posters for students and employees

We offer two poster printers with the following characteristics:

Poster printers
paper type
Designjet HP 1055cm
standard paper (130g / qm)
width up to 914 mm (minus print margins - max. 890 mm)
Designjet HP Z6200
photo paper (satin) (200g / qm)
width up to 1066 mm (if necessary minus print margins)

Please note that there is a poster service at Cip-Pool-29 [4].


Step 1: Print

You can print your posters in 3 different ways: either you use the ready-made print options on our pool workstations or you set up the printer at your workplace or you use the PDF file upload at TU Portal. Then you will need to check your print job with the "Preview" feature and give your clearance, only then your job will be printed.

Poster print service
payment via
print account
All TU members can pay posters with their print account.
rebooking (Umbuchung)
For official purposes you need the role "Mitarbeiter/in" (employee) for the application "Poster" (your role administrator has to assign this role to you)

  • For pickup you need a completed form (Materialabholschein) [5]
  • For payment please use the following rebooking form (Umbuchungsanordnung) [6]

Further information about pricing and formats can be found here.


Step 2: Pickup

You can pick up your posters in the tubIT shop (EN 024) during opening hours (mo-fri 8am to 6pm, during semester break 10am to 6pm).

Instructions: Personalize print jobs

At TU Portal go to "print@campus">"Einstellungen". Enter your user name into the box Automatische Personalisierung (automatic personalization) if it differs from your tubIT user name. This will assign print jobs from this computer to your account.

NOTE: Umlauts, space and special characters in the user name are not accepted by the system.

copy black/white and color

In EN004 we provide a copy workstation (DIN A4) for copying your documents.

The copy workstation has a doublesided 100 sheet feeder which can print either to the b/w printer or color printer.

It is also possible to send the scanned documents as PDF attachment to your mailbox.

Printer setup (drivers suitable for XP/Vista/7)

Please download the appropriate printer driver, unpack it and install it.

print@campus printer drivers for XP/Vista/7
driver/PPD (32Bit)
driver/PPD (64Bit)




download [7]
download [8]

download [9]
download [10]

download [11]

download [12]
download [13]
download [14]
download [15]

download [16]
download [17]

download [18]

download [19]
download [20]

Printer setup (drivers suitable for MacOS/Gnome)

Please download the appropriate driver, unpack it and install it.

print@campus printer drivers for MacOS 10.5/6/Linux Gnome




download [21]
download [22]

download [23]
download [24]

download [25]

download [26]
download [27]
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