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Shibboleth is a software developed by Internet2/ [1]MACE, which implements a distributed authentication and authorisation infrastrucutre (AAI). This allows its users a unified access to resources, which are provided on the web by the so-called Service Providers (SPs) .

The control of access authorisation is not conducted by the SP but by the user's home institute, the Identity Provider (IdP). By that SPs do not need to host their own user administration. If the access is granted, is decided by the SP based on information it gets from the IdP. Please also consider the site about data security [2].

Usually SPs and IdPs form federations in order to represent and coordinate their interests. TU Berlin is a member of the DFN-AAI [3].

  • Grid-Computing (e.g. D-Grid)
  • Portals (e.g. ReDI [4])
  • Gigamove [5]
  • DFG-national licences
  • Administration systems
  • e-Science
  • e-Learning systems


When a user tries to access a protected resource (documents, files etc), the provider checks if the user is already authenticated. If this is not the case, he will be redirected to the localisation server which will redirect the user to his/her home institute. The home institue will check again if the user is authenticated. If this is note the case, the user needs to log in with his credentials. Finally the user will be redirected to the protected resource.

The following services are available to members of the TU Berlin via Shibboleth authentication of the DFN-AAI.


Isis is the eLearning system of the TU Berlin. Here you will find teaching materials and current dates. Additional students can submit homework assignments and participate in tests.

For questions or technical problems regarding ISIS, please contact info(at)isis.tu-berlin.de.

Further information on ISIS is available at http://www.innocampus.tu-berlin.de/service/isis/ [6].

You can access Isis at the following address: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/ [7]


Moses is a system for the administration and planning of lectures as well as exams and tutorials at the TU Berlin.

If you have questions or problems within Moses, please contact one of the email addresses listed at https://moseskonto.tu-berlin.de/moses/hilfe/index.html [8]  (login required).

For further information on Moses, please visit http://www.innocampus.tu-berlin.de/projekte/moses/ [9]  and http://www.moses.tu-berlin.de/moses/ [10] .

You can access Moses at the following address: https://moseskonto.tu-berlin.de [11]

Primo Wissensportal

The knowledge portal Primo offers the possibility to search the library of the Institute of Technology Berlin online. For students of TU Berlin the authentication is carried out via Shibboleth, whilst employees use their library ID.

You can access the Primo knowledge portal via this address https://tu-berlin.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/ [12]


Springer Link is a service from Springer Verlag for students and employees of TU Berlin to access the publisher's literature.

For more information please visit: www.ub.tu-berlin.de/literatur-suchen/buecher-e-books-and-artikel/e-books/springer/ [13]

You can access Springer Link via https://link.springer.com/ [14]

For logging in please select "Login via Shibboleth or Athens" and choose Technische Universität Berlin in the drop down menu in the right area. Then select "Login via Shibboleth", afterwards you will be redirected to the Shibboleth authentification.


With GigaMove RWTH Aachen offers an easy way to exchange large files (up to 2 GB).

Further information about GigaMove is available at https://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/menue/dienste/daten_server/gigamove/ [15]  and on the pages of RTHW Aachen at: http://www.itc.rwth-aachen.en/cms/IT-Center/Services/completeservicecatalog/application-and-processsupport/essv/Gigamove/ [16]  and https://doc.itc.rwth-aachen.de/display/GMV/Home [17] .

You can access GigaMove at https://gigamove.rz.rwth-aachen.de/ [18] .

For logging in please choose Technische Universität Berlin from the list of organizations. Via the "select"-Button you get redirected to the Shibboleth authentification.


With HU-BOX the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin provides a service for synchronizing and sharing data, also between members of different institutions.

For more information visit https://blogs.hu-berlin.de/hu-box/ [19] .

You can find the HU-Box at https://box.hu-berlin.de [20] .

For logging in please click the "Login" button. Then enter "Technische Universität Berlin" or select it from the "Select an institution" list. Confirm by clicking "OK". Then you will get redirected to the Shibboleth authentification.


Citavi offers various functionalities for literature management, knowledge organization and research.

For more information about Citavi please visit https://www.citavi.com/en/features.html [21] .

You can find Citavi at https://citaviweb.citavi.com/ [22] .

For logging in please click "My university" and select "Technische Universität Berlin" from the list. Possibly you must type "Technische Universität B" before the TU Berlin appears as a selection. After selecting the university name you will be redirected to a Shibboleth authentication page.

Web Conferencing Service

The DFN offers a web conferencing service, which makes it possible for employees of the TU Berlin to sign up on  DFN video and multimedial conferences. The service uses Adobe Connect.

For a complete list of the functionalities please visit the page of the DFN: https://www.vc.dfn.de/en/web-conferencing/ [23]

Please note that the  usage of the web conferencing service is is only available for employees of TU Berlin.


The DFN Terminplaner provides a service to schedule appointments to events via a general accessible platform to facilities with membership in the DFN-AAI.

For more information on the DFN scheduler please visit: https://www.dfn.de/en/services/dfnscheduler/ [24]

You can access the DFN scheduler at https://terminplaner.dfn.de/ [25] (available in german only).

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