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Recognizing forged e-mails (phishing)

Unfortunately, it is barely possible for our SPAM filters to automatically detect and filter phishing mails since this kind of e-mail usually does not show common SPAM characteristics.

Therefore, you need to expect criminals to try to take control of your account data and e-mails. Obviously, this kind of phising mail will never be sent from either tubIT or TU Berlin, even if they are trying to look like official documents. We strongly urge you to never share passwords via e-mail or enter them on websites linked in e-mails asking for your password, no matter how authentic they may seem.

To ensure your and your data's safety, we have put together a couple of hints on how to easily spot whether an e-mail is an official document or whether it has been forged.

tubIT e-mails:

  • At no point in time will we ever ask you for your password -- therefore, you should never reveal or share your password based on such a request, regardless of its claims or the way it looks. However, if you have ever reacted to such an e-mail by sending your password, you should immediatly change it. To do so, please access the TU portal and go to "Mein Profil" > "Konto verwalten" > "Passwort ändern“.
  • Required account data always needs to be entered on the TU or tubIT website respectively. Never click on an e-mail link, instead always directly enter the TUB portal's URL into your browser.
  • Our e-mails never contain any kind of attachments or requests to install any kind of software.
  • Our e-mails only link to websites starting with xyz.tu-berlin.de. Never click on any other kind of e-mail link. Furthermore, please note that there always needs to be precisly one period before the concluding "tu-berlin.de". Websites such as "wwwtu-berlin.de" are not owned by TU Berlin. We never use IP addresses in our URLs either, e.g. "http://111.222.333.444/tu-berlin.de/".
  • Our e-mails are sent from either @tu-berlin.de or @tubit.tu-berlin.de. If you spot any other kind of address as sender, the e-mail is forged.
  • Our e-mail texts are proofread and usually don't contain any grave spelling or grammar mistakes.

Reporting forged e-mails:

If you suspect a seemingly official tubIT or TU Berlin e-mail to be forged, you can simply forward it to spoof@tubit.tu-berlin.de.

IMPORTANT: to do so, please create a new e-mail and attach the suspect one. E-mail attachments contain source information about the suspect e-mail making it possible to track its origins.

Please note: E-mails to this address will only be answered with an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. If you are worried about security issues regarding your tubIT account, you can additionally contact us through tubit@tu-berlin.de or via our hotline: (030) 314 28000.


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