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Webex Teams

Using Cisco Webex Teams you can flexibly and efficiently work in groups by easily managing all your communication with multiple teams in a single interface.

Use in the browser

You can use Webex Teams completely online in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. When you log on to tu-berlin.webex.com for the first time, the Webex app will be offered for download. However, this requires administration rights on the computer for installation.
If you want to use Teams in the browser, cancel the download and click on the link "Join via your browser" instead. After giving the browser access to the webcam and microphone, you can start or join a meeting.

Use in the Webex app

You can download the app on all standard mobile and desktop operating systems and use it as a member of TU Berlin.

Operating System

Installation of the WebEx app


Install Webex Teams and please enter your official email address of the TU Berlin on the welcome screen so that the assignment to the TU Berlin can be made so that you can register in the next step.


In the following window, log in with your TUB account and confirm your consent to the transfer of the login information. You will be redirected to the WebEx Team website.

Teams (Kopie 1)

Creating teams


Create a team and invite others to join your team.




You have the option of creating several teams for different projects. You are also able to assign moderators in each team who can manage and moderate the team.

Your contacts can be members of different teams and thus work together across projects.

Each team has a team chat available to communicate with the entire group as well as share content such as files, whiteboards, or links.

Every team member is able to schedule their own meetings. These can also be easily created and managed using your Outlook calendar. The use of shared calendars is also possible.

Adding team members


To add another person to your team, click on “Members” and then “Add team members”.

Enter the name in the search bar and click on the person you would like to add.

Right click on a team member to assign them as moderator, start a chat with this person, or remove them from the team.

Chat (Kopie 1)


Using a single interface, you can easily chat and share and edit content with your contacts or your entire team.

You can directly address team members in a chat by typing “@” and their name in your message.

Managing a chat


Right click on a team or chat to edit the settings and, for example, configure notifications for chat messages.



Easily manage your contacts in the app and invite them to your team.



Managing contacts


Right click to create new groups for contacts or add contacts to existing groups.



Your personal room


Maintain an overview of your current and future scheduled meetings in your personal WebEx room.



Information about data processing

Registration information
Registration information
Registration information
Registration information
Registration information
• Activation codes
• Display name
• Email address
• Name
• Profile picture
• Password
• Company name
• Name of billing contact
• Organization ID
• Universal unique identifier

• Register client for the service
• Show client’s avatar identity to other users
• Participation in improvements to the service and other Cisco products and services
• Offer support
• Notification of functions and updates
• Transparency regarding how the service is used
• Sending Cisco Marketing notifications
• Authentication and authorization of the access account

Hosting and usage information 
• Device name
• Geolocation
• IP address
• User agent ID
• Type and version of operating system
• Client version
• IP addresses along the network path
• MAC address
• Time zone
• Domain name
• Activity protocol

• For a better understanding of how the service is used
• Diagnose technical problems
• Conduct aggregated analyses and statistical analyses to improve the service’s technical performance
• Answer client inquiries

User-generated information
• Room activity (date, time, person, and activity)
• Messages (content, sender, recipient, date, time, read receipts)
• Shared content (files, file names, sizes, and types )
• Whiteboard content
• Information about meetings and calls (title, invitation content, participants, link, date, time, duration, quality assessments)
• Voicemails
• Presence (user status)
• Recordings

To continue to provide and improve the service, it is important to record user interactions with other users.
Collected information regarding
• Geographic location
• If a client voluntarily chooses to share their location, Cisco records the geographic location when the client sends a message or publishes content in an area. Cisco collects this information so that it can be shared with the other users in the space.


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