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The network of TUB is divided up into many subnetworks for a better structuring. 
This is achieved by assigning subnetwork to organisational units of TUB.
A subnetwor consists of an IP address space which bound to it, if necessary a domain name of the subnetwork and network outlets in the rooms of the correspondent department.
Computers which are connected to outlets of the subnetwork have certain access rights to other computers and their services (resources) which can only be accessed from the subnetwork.

Computers outside the subnetwork can not access the subnetwork's resources,

In order to change that, virtual subnetworks (VLAN - virtual local area network) are employed. This allows to define subnetworks across geographical borders so that the computer at home or the smartphone may also become part of the subnetwork and profit from the resources bound to it.

If you want to use the service via WLAN (eduroam), it is the WLAN2VLAN service (e.g. for smartphones). 
If you want to establish a connection from home, you can connect to TUB network via VPN. You can use the VPN2VLAN service to be assigned to your subnetwork.

Examples of Use

The services allows users to establish a connection from anywhere so that the own mobile device always automatically obtains an IP address from the own address space.


  • automatic connection to the own subnetwork upon eduroam login (WLAN), this can be applied for the entire eduroam network in order to access your own resources
  • automatic connection to your own subnetwork upon VPN login, for home office or away on business, the mobile device will "believe" that it is in its own network
  • software activation for Microsoft Select agreement products for devices without ethernet interface

Application and Roles

The administration (adding/removal of computers) of such subnetworks could only be operated by tubIT so far. The following application allows structure administrators and network administrators to configure their subnetworks for WLAN/VPN use and grant the permissions to employees.


  1. Clear subnetwork for VLAN
    1. The structure administator is required to clear the subnetwork for VLAN
    2. and to select users which are entitled to use the VLAN
  2. Setup of the subnetwork
    1. Users need to select the desired subnetwork for the WLAN connection
    2. and/or the desired subnetwork for VPN connections

Step by Step Instructions

Structure Administrator: Clear network (subnetwork) for VLAN
Structure Administrator: Grant permission for VLAN use
User: Configure desired subnetwork for WLAN connection
User: Configure desired subnetwork for VPN connection


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