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Conventional Website

Conventional websites offer TU departments the option of hosting their website without TYPO3. They allow websites or web application based on HTML, PHP and/or Perl. The employment of php and cgi scripts and own MySQL databases is possible. You have more freedom in configuration but do not have to take care of the maintenance.

Target Audience

Conventional websites are for those departments which can not satisfy their demands with a typo3 website. This includes web applications such as wikis or own scripts which should be integrated into typo3.

Since the configuration and maintenance resp. actualisation of web applications is conducted by the department, you should have at least one employee who has the required skills.


Before applying for a conventional webserver these requirements have to be met:

Apply for OrgName - short caption for your department- ("Rollenverwalter" only)
tubIT Account
Application and web data access by editors is only possible using atubIT account.
AFS Storage
Your web data is stored in the central tubIT data storage. You have to options to access this data: as normal via TYPO3 backend or via AFS
Data access


As owner of the role "typo3_na" you can apply for a convential website using the web form "Webauftritt" in TUB Portal.

The following checklist will help you applying for a typo3 website. The last 3 points can be ommited depending on the situation.


  • have yourself provisioned => Provisioning
  • enter OrgName in TU Portal => Instructions
  • if necessary apply for additional internetname
  • enter web address if not existent
  • => please regard the guidelines
    => you do not need to apply for the web address yourself but only need to enter it in the application form
  • apply for conventional website in TU Portal (IT-Anträge)
  • if necessary migration of your data from your old website (after website has been set up)
  • if necessary change of temporary web address
    => simply send an e-mail to the 
  • if necessary a forwarding from your old website to your new one
    => we will gladly assist you here, please contact our 


Web Addresses / URL


For each website an own web address is required. Website can not be hosted with addresses subordinated to www2.tu-berlin.de anymore.
For example we can not set up websites such as:

  • www2.tu-berlin.de/fakX/
  • www2.tu-berlin.de/~meinAuftritt/

The guidelines of TU Berlin for the award of web addresses specify the following scheme:

<Hostname>.<Internetname>.tu-berlin.de .

The internetname has to be entered in TU Portal. You can find out how that works here. Please choose a distinctive name for exampe research if you want to display different research fields.

If you enter a new, non-existent web address upon application, it will be automatically registered for you.

If you want to use the web address of an existent website, for example in case of migration from one webserver to another, a temporary web address will be issued.

You want to move your website migration.tubit.tu-berlin.de to our new conventional webserver. You will have to enter that exact web address upon configuration. In order to keep the existent websites accessible we will set up the temporary address migration-temp.tubit.tu-berlin.de. This address will make your new website accessible and gives you time to migrate your data as long as the old website is still reachable using migration.tubit.tu-berlin.de. After the migration has been finished, send us an e-mail to our , then we will link the address migration.tubit.tu-berlin.de to your new website. The old website will not be reachable from the original web address from that point on.


Access data of Website


You can access the web data via AFS. This requires the installation of the AFS and Kerberos software on your computer (see also Requirements)

Alternatively you can establish a ssh connection to sshgate.tu-berlin.de and copy the files that way. For the connection settings use Port 22 and "sftp" or "ssh" as server respectively connection type. As user name use your provisioned tubIT account. As path use the basispath which has been sent to you in the confirmation e-mail about the setup of your website.

You can no longer access the data via ftp or WebDAV!

Caution: If you change or remove data in AFS, changes will be immediately visible on your website. Proceed with caution.


Für Ihren konventionellen Webauftritt können Sie eine Zugriffsstatistik beantragen... more to: Zugriffsstatistik

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