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Personal website

In your AFS home a folder name is reserved for the storage of files which are to publish. You can access your personal website with this URL:www.user.tu-berlin.de/<TUB-Account>/

The name of this directory is "public_html". Save your website and files here to publish them.

The start website is called "index.html". Private websites will available immediately. Changes are visible instantly.

Script languages like PHP and Perl are not supported. Therefore only static HTML sites can be displayed.

How can I bring my data online?

You only need to copy the desired files into the public_html folder of your home directory. To do this, you can access your home directory from any computer on the TUB network using SAMBA (SMB) write access:


\\tubfs.tu-berlin.de\[Ihr Benutzername]\

Unix / OSX:

smb://tubfs.tu-berlin.de/[Ihr Benutzername]/

Under Windows, for example, you only need to enter this URL in the address bar of your Windows Explorer. After authentication with your TUB account you should see the contents of your home directory.

Further information

... you can find on the service's home page: https://www.user.tu-berlin.de/index.html


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