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Obtain Kerberos ticket

The following instructiosn will guide you through the process of obtaining a valid Kerberos ticket for authentication using Kerberos for Windows Clients (KFW). This ticket is required for usage of tubIT services such as AFS service.

The requirements for the successful obtaining of a ticket are: a tubIT account and an installed KFW client.

Obtain Kerberos ticket (Network Identity Manager - NIM)

Step 1: Start the Network Identity Manager (NIM). Click the NIM icon in the system tray.

Step 2: Navigate to "View" > "Advanced" or press F7

Step 3: Click the button "Obtain new credentials" in order to start the authentication process. Enter your tubIT username and click two times Next. Please insert your tubIT password and click finish. (Case sensitive!)

Step 4: If the authentication has been successful and you installed the OpenAFS client beforehand, you can clsoe the NIM GUI.


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