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Size of AFS storage (quota)

The quota is the size limit of a tubIT account the correspondent AFS directory. 

tubIT provides:

students: 1 GB

employees: 5 GB

departments: 250 GB on application

Determine available storage with OpenAFS


Step 1: Rightclick the directory you want to check and select

"AFS" -> "Volume/Partition" -> "Properties"


Step 2: This window shows the maximum size (quota) and the used storage.

Determine quota with WebAFS


You can check the used and maximum storage in the bottom left menu bar of the WebAFS interface.

Determine quota via SSH

Step 1: Open a terminal resp. start your SSH client and log in with the following command:

local:~ ssh tubit-username@sshgate.tu-berlin.de
Passwort: <tubIT-password>

Upon successful login you will see something like:

Last login: Thu Jun  7 13:43:41 2012 from dhcp-2-219.zrz.

Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.10      Generic January 2005


Step 2: Command to see the used/available AFS storage:

tubit-username@sshgate:~$ fs lq .


Hinweise zu Firewall, Ports, Systemzeit, ReiserFS, Windows-Domäne, Vista 64 Bit und VPN. more to: FAQ AFS

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