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Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

The backup of data always requires a TSM client. This client should either be installed locally on the system assigned to the backup or on another system which can access the data. The client requires rights for reading (for backup) and writing (for recovery). The TSM client can be configured for automatic or manual backup and recovery. The client configuration is provided by the TSM server. The local configuration only contains the information necessary for connecting to TSM servers hosted by tubIT. This means that tubIT administration has to be informed about changes of backup directories and that these changes can only be made by tubIT. This eliminates the possibility of client misconfiguration leading to backup malfunctions and accidental exclusion of important files from the backup system.

Responsibility, troubleshooting

For each TSM client and thereby each system a responsible employee belonging to the correspondent department has be assigned. This person in charge will receive a backup report after every backup. Each department is responsible for checking the logical execution of the backup. tubIT will also check the backup but can only relate to critical errors can not detect logical errors.

Examples for logical errors:

  • Missing access rights for directories 
  • Files moved into directories which are not part of the backup
  • Files and folders which have been deleted by accident


These issues have to be monitored by the department's person in charge. We will assisst you if any questions or problems occur.

Quota, backup capacity

The departments decide which data is to be part of the backup. Before the maximum backup capacity is reached, the persons in charge will be informed by tubIT and are enabled to either buy more capacity or reduce the amount of data.


Please note that databases can not be integrated into the backup directly. It is necessary to create a database dump which can be stored.    

AFS backup

The backup of the central directory service of TU Berlin (AFS) is maintained by tubIT. The employed backup class is type 1. This means that there is a maximum of 3 versions of a file within a 7 day period. Deleted files will be irrecovably removed from the backup after 30 days.

Determination of backup files

You can modify the amount of the backup by assigning rights to the user backup (system:backup). This group needs the rights read (r) and lookup (l).  An individiual report about the success of a backup can not be issued for these directories.

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