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Backup classes

tubIT offers different backup classes for the backup service. These classes allow the definition of different data priorities. The following classes are availabe:

File versions
Storage period
Versions after deletion
Deletion persistence
7 days
30 days
14 days
90 days
30 days
365 days

The classes define an amount of versions of an active file within a certain period.

Type 1 service will create a maximum of 3 versions within 7 days. If there are already 3 versions and the file is modified within the 7 day period, the oldest version will replaced by a new copy in the backup system.

The specified time period is also used for the automated deletion of older versions if a file is not modified. After 8 days there will be 2 versions left, after another 8 day period only one version will remain. As long as the file not modified or deleted this version will be stored as backup.

The other specifications of a backup class describe the system's behaviour after a file has been deleted or moved. Type 1 defines a storage of 30 days at most for a version of a deleted file. After 30 days the file will be removed irrevocably from the backup.

For type 2 and 3 the number of versions and storage periods change accordingly. Since type 2 and 3 require a highly increased storage, adjusted charges apply.

Further regulations

All system which are to be part of the backup require the installation of a TSM client. The configuration of tubIT's TSM servers ensures that all TSM clients will be treated equally. Every computer can only be assigned to one backup class. A change of backup class is possible at any time and has to be requested at tubIT's .

Under circumstances the change to a higher backup class may lead to increased charges, which tubIT will bring to account. You will be charged per terabyte or part thereof. If there is no alternating resolution the once-only charges for type 1 are 500 EUR at the moment. (Relating to the LOS resolution http://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/uploads/media/LOS_004_Beschluesse_1-3.pdf)

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