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Data Backup


With the initiation of the storage area network tubIT also employed a new system for data backup. The new system is based on an IBM Tape Library type 3500 and two Tivoli Storage Manager servers for backup. The backup storage is mainly intended for the central SAN, server infrastructure and individual institutions.

It is tubIT's goal to secure the existing data in a reliable, storage efficient and automatic way. The employment of the Tivoli Storage Manager allows a scaling to any size. This will ensure that the expected increased amount of data at TU Berlin can be secured reliably.


By default tubIT creates backups of the AFS homes, user mailboxes and shared AFS storages of departments. Optionally servers belonging to TU departments can be integrated into our backup. You can find further information about the offered backup classes here.

Backup classes

tubIT offers different backup classes for the backup service. These classes allow the definition of different data priorities. The classes define an amount of versions of an active file within a certain period.

File versions
Storage period
Versions after deletion
Deletion persistence
7 days
30 days
14 days
90 days
30 days
365 days
Further information about backup classes


The backup of data always requires a TSM client. This client should either be installed locally on the system assigned to the backup or on another system which can access the data. The client requires rights for reading (for backup) and writing (for recovery). The TSM client can be configured for automatic or manual backup and recovery.

Information about preconfiguration and configuration of the backup, the backup process, TSM and notifications


Files can be recovered on the TSM client which is also required for backup. This can either be done manually by the system administrator or automatically using the TSM server initiated by the central tubIT administration. It is possible to recover entire directories as well as single files.

The files can either be recovered to the original folder or to a seperate folder allowing the local administrator to copy them back to the correspondent folder.

TSM client versions, client, server, tape library and recovery of data (tubIT backup)

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