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MS-SQL Hosting for Faculties


tubIT offers a database hosting service for Microsoft SQL databases to departments of TU Berlin. For this purpose tubIT maintains highly available SQL server instances in a failover cluster. tubIT is in charge of setup, maintenance, backup and recovery.


The standard size of the database is set to 20 GB and will be deducted from the department's quota.

We offer:

  • Provision of redundant data storage (20GB)
  • Maintenance of server incl. updates and security patches for operating system and SQL server
  • Backup on working days (8 versions)
  • Recovery of the entire database in case of desaster by DBA team
  • Highly available cluster solution
  • Support especially for troubleshooting the database system

At the moment we can offer SQL Server 2008 R2 Server as RDBMS. An update to SQL server 2012 is planned. We run the servers in mixed mode, usually only Windows authentification is supported.


The service can be used by faculties and departments of TU Beriln. The databases may only be used for official purposes.

You can apply for the service here. 
(Please log in to TU Portal first, refresh the page if necessary)

If person related data shall be used, please contact the data security officer of TU Berlin beforehand.

The usage is only possible from TU networks. Since it is necessary to adjust the firewall, we will provide a small and specific IP address area for clients. You will be informed via e-mail about setup and access to your database. With this e-mail the DB team will request your client addresses and assign the firewall adjustments for you.


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