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Easy exchange of large files with GigaMove

The application GigaMove provides a simple way of sharing large files (up to 2GB) which can not be sent via e-mail attachment due to their size. The maximum size of an attachment depends on the provider and usually ranges from 5 to 40MB (TU Berlin: 100MB / using webmail only 32MB). 

This service is hosted by the RWTH Aachen University in a collaboration with the German National Research and Education Network (DFN).


The authentication and authorisation is done with the software Shibboleth.

The following following requirements have to be met:

  • as TU member you need an active tubIT account for login
  • your browser should allow cookies for the login



The application GigaMove can be accessed here:


using any browser and is accessible for all DFN members. First you need to select your home institution, then you can sign in with your tubIT credentials.

GigaMove allows registered users to start the data exchange in two directions:

  • Provide a file: the file is uploaded and GigaMove generates a link for downloading.
  • Request a file: A link leading to the file upload form is generated.

A form allows you to share the generated links with one or multiple receipients via e-mail.

Further information and help texts about GigaMove can be found in the menu after login. Select the menu option "HELP".

Virus scan

Every file is scanned for viruses. The scanning takes place as a background operation. The details of an uploaded file show the scan status. If a virus is found, you will be informed via e-mail and the file will be deleted.

Further information

  • Please close your browser for the termination of a session. This will ensure that you will be logged out of all applications.
  • The technical properties of Shibboleth will prevent you from setting bookmarks to that page. You can instead bookmark the page which got you to the login page.
  • Please note our data privacy information.
  • Further information about Shibboleth at TU Berlin


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