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Server Hosting (VM Ware)


tubIT is offering server hosting for virtualized servers based on VMware. Servers are set up in a fully climatized, burglarproof tubIT server room. In addition to the benefits of faciliated management of virtual servers, we are ensuring campus-wide optimal resource distribution. Virtual servers are independent and secure systems running on a physical server guaranteeing resources to each customer while avoiding conflicts among applications run by different customers. Every virtual server works and operates like a completely independent server. Since we are hosting root servers, you have complete control over the system. Even more so, once we have delivered the server, the tubIT team has no longer any access to the operating system. Thus all responsibility for server maintenance lies with the customer.

Every department is granted a free quota of resources that can be distributed to the requested virtual servers. If one or more of these resources is completely distributed, no additional virtual machines can be ordered.

Available resources (free quota)

available Resources (free quota)
virtual CPU cores (vCPUs)
5 (Intel Xeon 2,67 GHz)
Memory (RAM)
16 GB
Hard drive (HDD)
100 GB

By deleting or adjusting (e.g. reducing the distributed RAM) virtual servers, freed up resources will be available once again in the department’s quota. In addition, there is the possibility to buy additional resources.

tubIT is offering pre-configured Windows and Linux servers. On principle, they are shipped in English and with all current patches installed.

pre-configured operating systems
Hard drive (HDD)
Windows Server 2008 Standard (64 bit)

2 GB

40 GB

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 Standard (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64 bit)
Debian 32/64 bit
1 GB
25 GB

RAM and hard drive specifications should both be understood as recommendations based on the minimum requirements of each system. Hard drive space can only be expanded. A subsequent reduction is not intended.

Alternatively, you can set up the operating system yourself as long as it is compatible. Please see the following list for more information.

compatible operating systems
from version
Debian GNU/Linux
Microsoft Windows*
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise
Oracle Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Ubuntu Linux
Additional operating systems possible on demand

 *For security reasons, we recommend at least Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 respectively if the system is planned to be connected to a network.

Backup & Restore

As long as the system hard drive does not exceed 60 GB, a weekly Backup is done. Please note that additional hard drives are generally excluded from this backup. Before making any risky changes, you can contact tubIT to get a so called “snapshot”. These snapshots save the current state of your virtual server. If any changes fail, you can easily and quickly return to a working state. Similar to backups, snapshots only cover the system hard drive while ignoring data discs.


Only people in charge of a TU department's cost centre are authorized to order

  1. Log into the TUB portal and choose "IT-Anträge" > "VM-Ressourcenverwaltung".
  2. Switch to the “VM-Antrag” tab.
  3. Fill in the required data and confirm your order by clicking on "Antrag absenden".
  4. You will receive an order confirmation via mail.
  5. As soon as your server has been set up, we will contact you.

Aquiring additional resources

If the initial free quota is not sufficient for your needs, you can expand it by purchasing additional resources

  • 1 vCPU (100€/year for at least 3 years)
  • 1GB RAM (50€/year for at least 3 years)
  • 1TB SAN storage space (conditions)
  • 1TB SAN storage space + data backup (350€/year for at least 3 years)

Please direct your expansion requests at

Instructions: Hosting

Step by step guide for your own server (using web admin interface)
Alternative to web interface: VSphere Client (for Windows)
MKS Console Plugin Installation

Server Housing

This service is only available for TU departments!

We provide the infrastructure of our datacenter for your own server allowing you to profit from its professional setup.

This is especially suitable for you if you are transferring large amounts of data, run demanding applications (e.g. databases) or provide security relevant data. Know how is still required, since you need to do the management and daily system administration. 

The tubIT computer centre has an ideal internet connection using the science network and your devices will be installed into rooms especially designed for that purpose.

Another advantage are the charges: while this service is free of charge for TU members, the costs for a similar effort preparing another room are enormous (air condition, power supply, security and so on).


  1. Please log in to TU Portal and select: "IT-Anträge">"Housing" (you need the role "Housing_Antragsteller"), contact your role administrator (Rollenverwalter) if you have any questions
  2. Complete the form and confirm your data with "Bestellen" (Order)
  3. An electronic receipt will be sent. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Bulding Security / Facilities

The buildings are kept under surveillance by the security firm and have the following facilites: intrusion detection system, access protection (electronic), fire detector, quenching gas plant, UPS, full air-condition and redundant cooling aggregates.

Internet Connection

We offer a high speed internet connection, 100% switched network, 1 GBit fast ethernet connection, one IP address per server (more on request). The TU Berlin employs the X-WIN of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN). Furthermore the TU has a redundant internet connection via BRAIN (Berlin Research Area Information Network, Beliner Wissenschaftsnetz).


  • assembly dimension: 19"
  • gliding rails
  • maximum of 2 network cards
    one can be used for the productive environment and one for maintenance, data synchronisation or for connection to your own network
  • 2 power supplies per device
  • permitted are redundant power supplies: 1x normal current, 1x UPS
  • rack installation material


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