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The tubCloud service offered by the TU Berlin allows you to access your personal data (e.g. music, files, pictures) from any location with different devices. The web interface also offers a photo gallery and an integrated PDF viewer. With the integrated editor it is possible to collaborate on shared files. Plus you can use the editor for coding purposes with the syntax highlighting feature. tubCloud is your alternative to other cloud-service providers like Dropbox.

The tubCloud service can be found here:




tubCloud versus other cloudprovider

  • Your files are not entrusted to a 3rd-party company, but hosted on our own servers, secured from unauthorized access
  • we offer 50 GB of storage for students and 200 GB for employees, student employees and external employees
  • for the entire duration of your studies or employment


Our tubCloud service includes the following features:

  • Data storage / synchronization
  • Online music player
  • Online picture gallery
  • Sharing of files and folders
  • an editor for shared processing of OpenDocument sources (.odt)
  • Deck (project organization tool)

The tubCloud software is being improved continuously. Please help us with your feedback to tubcloud@tubit.tu-berlin.de in order to improve the service.

tubCloud for institutions

Members of institutions (with orgnames) and teams can use combined folders. Located in the “shared” folder within the private tubCloud directory, they will be set up automatically.
Every institution has 500GB storage at its disposal. Teams need to share their storage with their institution.

Name of shared folder: consists of the domain name followed by “_member” ({orgname}_member)
Quota: 500GB
Members: all employees belonging to the institution
Rights: read and write

Name of shared folder: consists of the domain name followed by the chosen group name ({orgname}_{group name} )
Group name: to be chosen at team administration during ownCloud set-up *)
Quota: < 500GB (shared with institution)
Members: all team members
Rights: read and write

The synchronisation of the shared folder may have to be adjusted for the clients.


tubCloud for teams

Members of teams are allowed to use collective folders. These are located in your personal tubCloud register in your folder 'Shared'.
Teams are sharing storage space of 500GB with their facility.


Generate a teamfolder in tubCloud

There has to be an existing Team to generate a teamfolder.


Step 1:

Go to your TUB-Portal and direct to IT-Dienste -> Teamverwaltung.
In 'Rollenauswahl' select Teamverwalter.


Step 2:

Mark the wished team and click on Bearbeiten.


Step 3:

In tab Ressourcen: With marking different 'Gruppenfunktionen' (Group-Functions) and clicking on '+', you add special group-functions. After that, select a suitable group-name and define a new domain-name for your facility. To finish the process, click 'Speichern' (safe).

Your teamfolder is now in your team-tubCloud in a folder called 'Shared'.

Name of your shared folder: Is made up of the domain-name of the facility and the selected goup-name. Separated with an underline: ({domain-name}_{group-name}).
You've selected  your group-name while creating your ownCloud-service in your 'Teamverwaltung'.

Quota: < 500 GB (shared with facility)
Members: All members of the team
Rights: Read and write.


In some situations it might be usefull to deactivate the synchronisation of the different clients to spare the hard-drive capacity.

tubCloud access

tubCloud access
tubCloud client
Web interface
Mobile devices
Access the tubCloud service via local tubCloud Sync Client

(Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Access tubCloud using any browser supporting.

(Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Access tubCloud depending on your OS with your preferred software (e.g. network drive, foldersync, cyberduck) using a WebDAV connection

(Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Access tubCloud using an app


(iOS, Android)

Additional storage

Institutions of TUB can purchase additional tubCloud storage within the TU portal under 'Strukturverwaltung' -> 'tubCloud Speicher verwalten'. For this purpose you will need the role 'Strukturverwalter'.

  • costs: 1€ per GB/year
  • storage can be obtained in packages of 50GB/year
  • storage can be allocated to a person or institution
  • internal billing is done every year on the 30th of november

Further information

Please keep in mind that the synchronization with your local desktop client can take up to several hours or days in case there is a large amount of data to transfer. We recommend limiting the use of tubCloud to the necessary files.

Please notice that sharing folders with TUB intern or extern persons is just possible with our tubCloud Web-Application: https://tubcloud.tu-berlin.de/

FAQs Account & Card

In der Liste der häufig gestellten Fragen (FAQ) finden Sie Antworten zu vielen Fragen zu tubCloud more to: FAQs Account & Card


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