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Our Services

Prevention and detection of abuse of IT resources
Andrew-File-System [1]
The personal online storage for documents, pictures and other files as well as your personal web page.
Print directly from your iPhone / iPad over Wi-Fi to an AirPrint-capable printer
Campus Card [2]
Your card to authenticate within the TUB-portal and for the encryption and signing of e-mails
Backup [3]
Storage Area Network as a backup system 
Administration and maintenance of your "tu-berlin.de" domain
E-Mail [4]
Operation of the main e-mail system for TU members
Exchange [5]
Operation of MS Exchange as a groupware solution for email, collaboration and scheduling for TU members
GigaMove [6]
An easy way of sharing large files up to 2 gigabytes
Hardware (Sofort-PC) [7]
Provision of standardized PCs, notebooks and monitors for facilities for immediate pickup
IT Acquisition [8]
Procedures for IT purchases 
LAN [9]
ZECM is responsible for the data network and the internet service of the TU Berlin
mobile TAN service
The mobile TAN service (mTAN) sends transaction numbers via SMS to your mobile phone. Transaction numbers are required for your authentication for the TU Portal.
Notebook Rental
Rental of notebooks for departments of the TU Berlin
ownCloud [10]
The cloud storage service provided by TU Berlin offers synchronization of personal data on multiple devices
PC-Pools [11]
We provide computer workstations for students and employees.
Personal Storage [12]
Personal space as an external hard drive for documents, pictures, and other files
Personal Web Page [13]
Every member of the TU Berlin is enabled to publish a personal web page.
Personal Certificate
The identification card contains an electronic certificate for a digital signature, encryption and authentication
Portal Applications
A variety of electronic services which can be accessed from the TU portal
print@campus [14]
Print (including posters) and copy services  from the entire TU Berlin with payment via Mensa Card or Kostenstelle
Role Concept [15]
Rights management for the applications of TUB-Portal
RRZN Scripts
Sale of RRZN scripts
Server Hosting [16]
Server hosting for virtualized servers
Server Housing [17]
Housing of servers in the air-conditioned, burglarproof ZECM server rooms
Sharepoint [18]
Web-based platform for collaboration within a team
Shibboleth [19]
Standardized access to resources distributed within the web by different service providers (SPs)
Software [20]
Sales of software from campus contracts and licensing agreements for research and education facilities of the University, staff and students  
SVN service [21]
Document storage with versioning for projects
TAN List [22]
For the use of protected applications, you need TANs (transaction numbers) in connection with your user name and password.
TUB account [23]
Members of the TU Berlin receive a TUB-Account  and a campus card (issued during provisioning if necessary)
password [24]
Personal password for you TUB-Account
Updates/Activation [25]
Server volume license activation of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 from the Microsoft Select Program
VPN [26]
Service to create a secure (encrypted) tunnel between the intranet of TU Berlin and your personal device
WebAFS [27]
Web-based solution for accessing your AFS storage area
WirelessLAN [28]
Internet access via wireless LAN
Timeserver [29]
Time server provides the current time precisely
Certificates [30]
The Trust-Center provides the technical basis at TU Berlin for secure e-mail transmissions from/to a server by signing software and the use of resources from a grid-network
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