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Portal & Roles

TU Berlin offers numerous electronic services to students and employees in TU Portal.

Applications TU Portal
Teaching & Exams
  • Linf [1]
  • SuperX [2]
  • Modules [3]
  • Lectures [4]
  • University Calendar [5]
  • MosesAccount [6]
  • ISIS [7]
IT Services
IT Applications
Personal Data
  • Role Administration [8]
  • Team Administration [9]
  • Structure Administration [10]
  • Software Portal
  • Hardware Portal (Sofort-PC)
  • typo3 editing area [11]
  • Campus Card
  • print@campus
  • Liste of Role Administrators und IT Administrators [12]
  • Person Search
  • External Accounts
  • Network Administration [13]
  • Guest Accounts [14]
  • typo3-Website [15]
  • Website
  • Mailingslist
  • Housing [16]
  • Hosting [17]
  • Personal data [18]
  • My Profile [19]
  • Deactivate mTAN

The rights for the usage of an IT service of TU Portal are administrated using so-called roles:

  • An application role entitles the user to use one specific application (such as typo3, Software-Portal, Hardware-Portal, SuperX, Linf, Moses, LSF and so on)
  • Each application role is assigned to a business role which can be assigned to one or multiple employees (one business rule allows you to sum up multiple application roles)

Some business roles/rights are assigned automatically depending on your TU status (employee, student, external member of TU).

The role administrator of a department is enabled to administrate all rights of his/her department.

Role concept (application and business roles)
Information [20]
List of all applications
Website [21]
Determination of your own data and roles
Assign a representative for a business role
Deassign representative
Role administrator
Edit existent business role
Instructions [22]
Create a new business role
Instructions [23]
Assign business roles to employees of own department
Instructions [24]

Assign a business role to employees of other departments or external TU members
Instructions [25]
Deassign a business role
Instructions [26]


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EN 024
e-mail query [27]
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