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Extending the rights of the team members

In order to assign certain roles to the team members, one of the team leaders has to log in to the TU-Homepage.

It is recommended to assign the role of groupadmin to at least one team member, so that at least one member has the complete editing rights for the Typo3 page group.

Step 1


First click on the menu item Teamverwaltung under IT-Dienste in the TU-Homepage. Choose the Teamleiter role from the role selection.

It is important to ensure that the right team is chosen.

You can then create a new team role by pressing + under Team-Rollen.

Step 2


In the following window enter a name and a description for the role. Then click on Erzeugen.

We reccomend choosing a name, according to the role that is being created. If e.g. the role of groupadmin should be assigned, the name could accordingly be groupadmin.

Step 3


To assign the application role to a member, select the role you just created under Organisationsgeschäftsrolle, Then press + under Anwendungsrollen.

Step 4


Then press the yellow + in front of typo3_be and put a check mark in front of the corresponding roll. Then press +.

Further Information about the Typo3 roles can be found hier.

Step 5


To assign the role to team members, select the role again under Organisationsgeschäftsrolle . Then press + under Rollenmitglieder.

Select the team members to whom the role should be assigned and confirm the selection.

To assign Typo3 roles to further team members, repeat the steps 1 to 5.

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