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Resync News

15.01.2021: Adjustment completed

The alignment of the organizational structure has now been completed. We are currently in the process of synchronizing the remaining personal data so that it can be fully assigned to the new organizational structure.

Since the old and new models cannot be mapped exactly to each other, and since changes have been made in recent months while the old organizational data still had to be used for role administration, it was unfortunately not possible to avoid isolated "losses" during synchronization. These can be broken down as follows:

1. Missing roles / authorizations

In cases where the original roles no longer existed after synchronization, or the restructuring was too extensive, the roles may have been lost. In some cases, this only affected the synchronization period and could be restored afterwards. However, this was not possible in all cases. If you are still missing roles, please contact your role administrator and ask for the missing roles to be reassigned.

2. missing delegations

These are directly related to the loss of the roles. During synchronization, the substitutions had to be removed first and were then restored. This process could be completed yesterday. In particular, in the cases where the original role given in substitution no longer exists, substitutions could not be restored. In almost all cases, the substitutions and assignments still exist, but they no longer contain authorizations. If you are affected by this, please contact the person from whom you received the substitution and ask them to reassign the substitution to you.

3. differences between the old and the new portal

If fewer applications are available to you in the new portal than in the old portal, this is probably due to the delayed synchronization between the old portal and the SAP portal. In this case, it is usually sufficient to wait until the next day. If the desired tiles are still not visible, please let us know.

4. lack of facility resources

If, in your function as a facility manager, structure administrator or IT manager in applications, you find that IT resources are missing, e.g. org/internet names, teams, subnets, business roles, etc., your facility could not be reconciled with the old status. In these cases, please contact us. Please specify which institution it is (e.g. cost center) and which resource is missing (e.g. org name abc, team xyz etc.).

5. incorrect assignment of personnel/facility

If you think that you are assigned to the wrong institution after synchronization, please contact your HR team first to have them check whether the assignment we now have corresponds to the one in Organizational Management. If you are assigned to a different institution in Organizational Management, please let us know.

Further Information

11.01.2021: Current status of the update

As you could see in our email of January 8th, 2021 on the subject of "Conversion work in the organizational structure of the TUB", the technical organizational structure within the TUB had to be changed for the introduction of SAP. For this reason, it was subsequently also necessary to synchronize all data between the SAP systems of the HR department and our IT systems. Only in this way were we able to standardize the data stock, the basis of which is now exclusively the data from SAP.

Since, unfortunately, undesirable side effects have occurred, which can have various causes, such as cost center changes, shifting of the facility, shifting of employees to "sub-facilities" within a facility, we would like to use this website to provide you with information as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions or to inform you about the current status of the work and the respective solution strategies for the correspondingly associated problems.

If you are unable to find the help you need, please contact us directly.

08.01.2021 Announcement Reorganisation of the organisational structure of the TUB

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we hope you have started the new year in good health.

We are starting the year with a delayed information to you and in this context also with an apology to all colleagues whose working day we have unexpectedly affected during this first week.

As you probably know, it was necessary to change the technical organizational structure within the TUB in order to implement SAP. As long as the changes had not been finalized centrally in SAP-OM (Organizational Management), the central IT systems had to work in parallel with the designations of the old "cost centers" and those of the new "organizational units". This circumstance has repeatedly led to unpleasant side effects:
- New colleagues who started their service were therefore not included in the corresponding groups for a long time in IT terms, were not listed in the associated facilities and lists, and could not be authorized for different applications.
- Conversely, this also affected colleagues who had already left the company. This circumstance, as well as a number of other problems, caused enormous difficulties and consequently also significantly increased the support effort.

For this reason, it was necessary to synchronize all data between the HR department's SAP systems and our IT systems. Only in this way were we able to standardize the data stock, the basis of which will now be exclusively the data from SAP.

We carried out a risk assessment internally at ZECM and decided that the period between the holidays would be the most favorable time to cause as little disruption to your daily work as possible.

However, the changes in the organizational structure were so severe that multiple corrections and restarts of the process were necessary to finally enable the successful reconciliation of the data. These unexpected interventions, which were necessary at short notice, unfortunately prevented - despite all our previous efforts - a "silent" and, above all, trouble-free changeover for you.

We would like to formally apologize to you for this. The regular synchronization is finished as of today. We are currently in the process of cleaning up and making minor changes, as well as gradually putting the functionalities that have been deactivated in the meantime back into operation. Based on the random checks that we have carried out during this work, it can be guessed that the following final measures may be necessary for users of different facilities due to the postponement, restructuring or renaming of their former cost center:
- Reassignment of roles and authorizations by the person responsible for the roles at the facility.
- Transition to the new facility by the respective staff team.

Should you subsequently still have difficulties with your authorizations or with the use of individual IT systems, please feel free to contact your IT manager via the contact addresses known to you. Yours sincerly,

Your team of Zentraleinrichtung Campusmanagement

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