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WirelessLAN - Internet Surfing on the Campus

The Technische Universität Berlin offers WirelessLAN (WLAN) with full coverage across its campus. Students and employees of TU Berlin have the possibility to access the internet from any point on the campus. 


eduroam - automatic configuration


eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool
for Windows 10
for Windows 8/8.1
for Windows 7
for Windows Vista
for Apple Mac OS X 10.6 +
for Apple iOS mobile devices
for Linux
for Android (from 4.0.3, manual configuration)
Older operating systems / manual configuration

Our Networks

  1. Internal TU network: 'TUB-intern' is an open (unencrypted) wireless network. The network allows you to access all websites and mailservers hosted by ZECM. Especially you can access all informations and instructions for the usage of the ‘eduroam’ network. The TUB-intern network does not permit access to VPN services
  2. Eduroam network: Students and employees of the TU Berlin and other universities can access the 'eduroam' network with the account of their home institution using the roaming service. (It is mandatory for TU members to use as user name.) 
  3. Guest network: For a short term use of the wireless network (e.g. external participants of meetings or congresses)  institutions can issue temporary guest accounts which can be used in the ‘TUB-Guest’ network. Information about guest accounts



Wireless networks of the TU Berlin

eduroam network
guest network
internal network
Security type
WPA2 Enterprise / AES
open / unsecured
open / unsecured
EAP Type
ProtectedEAP (PEAP)
Authentication method
User name
guest account name
guest account password
TU Berlin Certificate
Deutsche Telekom Certificate
Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2
DFN Certificate
Certificate chain
Certificate chain

FAQ and Support

WirelessLAN FAQ and Support

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline by phone +49 30 314 28000 or by e-mail to wlan@tubit.tu-berlin.de. To be able to help you as fast as possible, please be prepared to give a detailed description of the problem. more to: WirelessLAN FAQ and Support

Zusatzinformationen / Extras

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ZECM - Hotline

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