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VPN access allows you to set up a secure (encoded) “tunnel” between your device and TU Berlin’s intranet. You essentially dial into the intranet and thereby access all of TU Berlin’s intranet services. This is especially useful for working from home, doing online literature searches at the University Library, online courses, and accessing internal web pages.

We have created several videos to help you set up your VPN connection.



The tubCloud service provides students with 20GB storage space, staff with 100GB storage space, and institutions with 250GB storage space, allowing them to synchronize data among several end devices and share with other people. The special thing about this Sync&Share service is that the data are stored on TU Berlin’s servers, not on foreign servers abroad, ensuring data protection.



Your TUB account allows you free Wi-Fi access to TU Berlin. This Wi-Fi is called “eduroam” and the best thing about it is that it works all over the world at universities that also use the eduroam network!




GitLab is a special service for developers. It is a web-based software for versioning and collaborative program code editing via Git.


Public email folder

If necessary, we can create a root folder, which you can find in your email box under “public folders.” You can use this to create further folders or items such as calendars, tasks, notes, or address books and provide your colleagues with access so that you can work together. Just contact us to order your public folders: it-support@tu-berlin.de.

ZECM Care Program for Newly Appointed Staff

Welcome to the TU Berlin

Dear Sir or Madam,

Campus Management (ZECM) is delighted to welcome you to Technische Universität Berlin. Our job is to provide you with basic IT services and support you in your daily work. To use our services, you must set up a TUB account.

You will receive a letter to set up your TUB account, in addition to your hiring documents, from Human Resources (we call this procedure “provisioning”).  Simply use any PC with Internet access to access the registration web page (http://www.campusmanagement.tu-berlin.de/registrierung) and register there with the data from the letter. Please follow the application instructions to set up your new TUB account. In this step, you will also receive your TU Berlin email address. Be sure to check that your details are correct and accurate. When activating the account, you will be asked to submit a passport photo for your ID. Thus, please make sure you have a digital photo at the ready. If you have no way to create a digital photo, the IT service desk (E-N 024) can create one for you anytime from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 14:00. The service desk will keep your photo until your ID has been issued, after which it will be deleted. Following registration, you can access all IT services.

Your direct contact is:
Ms. Michaela Müller-Klang
Management Service, Human Resources and Organization
Telephone: + 49 (0 ) 30 314
email: michaela.mueller-klang@tu-berlin.de

We wish you a pleasant start
Your Campus Management Team

ZECM Care Program

In order to provide you with the best possible technical support right from the start, we have summarized the following services for you as a "Starter Base Package":

Basis Package
Starter Basic Package
  • setting up an organizational name (Org-Name) which should reflect as closely as possible the activities of your unit and which is used among other things as subdomain “Org-Name.tu-berlin.de” for web addresses, email addresses, and computer names
  • setting up a central AFS file system (250GB) for your unit which can you can use for any type of data as well as your websites
  • allocation of a tubCloud file system both for personal use (100GB) as well as for your unit (250GB) allowing you to synchronize files between several terminals and share them with other users (Sync&Share)
  • setting up a website using TU Berlin’s corporate design
  • setting up your own network, including subnet, subdomain, and firewall rules
  • setting up an exchange environment
  • housing and hosting of servers over which you retain complete control
  • guidance for the initial setting up of services and additional requirements

    Add-ons and options

    The following add-ons are also available:

    Package "Web"
    Package "Version Management"
    Package "Storage and Backup"
    • setting up additional websites for your own HTML-, PHP- or Perl-based web applications incl. MySQL database
    • Wiki system based on Dokuwiki
      • setting up a version control system based on SVN or GitLab
      • expanding storage space provided by purchasing additional space in our SAN

      Advice and contacts

      Please also feel free to contact us at any time for a personal consultation.

      Ms. Michaela Müller-Klang—Management Services, Human Resources and Organization—michaela.mueller-klang@tu-berlin.de

      Dr. Thomas Hildmann—Head of Department of Infrastructure and Technology—thomas.hildmann@tu-berlin.de
      Mr. Michael Flachsel— Management Technology and Infrastructure—michael.flachsel@tu-berlin.de

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